TOEFL Speaking TPO Task 4, 6 Vocabulary 新 | Motivation | Self-Improvement

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  Task 4 Psychology, Sociology, and EducationBusinessBiologyArt Intermediate 47 17 24 0 88Advanced 43 12 28 11 9490 29 52 11 182Task 6 Psychology, Sociology, and EducationBusinessBiologyArt IntermediateAdvanced  TPOTOPICWORD/PHRASEE!E Sociologyta#e $ into accountI Sociology%isi&leI Sociologyo&ser%eI Sociologycon'ir(I Sociology)atternI*Sociology(entalI*Sociologydisco('ortI*Sociologyche(istI*Sociologyeli(inateI*Sociologycon'lictI+)sychologygestureI+)sychologyenhanceI+)sychologycon%incingI+)sychologyintendI)sychology&ill&oardI)sychology)antherI-)sychologyconse.uenceI-)sychologydiscourageI-)sychologysettingI-)sychology(is&eha%eI-)sychologystic#erI )sychology%isualI )sychologyauditoryI*)sychologyhori0ontalI+)sychologytendencyI+)sychologycontentI+)sychologyad1ustI2)sychologyo&1ecti%eI2)sychology)artici)antI2)sychologyoutco(eI2)sychologyenthusiasticI)sychology(oti%ateI)sychologyout)utI)sychologycontri&uteI)sychologye''iciencyI)sychology)eelI3)sychologyin%o%leI3)sychologyconse.uenceI3)sychologyi(itateI )sychologyne%erthelessI )sychologye%entualI )sychologyin good sha)eI 2sociologystruggleI*4)sychologyina))ro)riateI*)sychologycategoryI* )sychology'a%orI*+)sychologys)litI  DERI!ATI!E5OTE %isi&ility, in%isi&le, in%isi&ility  6hen 6ere &eing o&ser%ed s)eci'ically, 6hen 6e #no6 6e ‟ ‟ con'ir(ation &eha%ior )atternco('ort, co('orta&le, unco('orta&leche(istry eli(inationintention, intentional6e (ay &e co((unicating an entirely di''erent and (ore a Indi%iduals o'ten (odi'y their &eha%iors &ased on 6hat the discourage(ent While &eha%ior (odi'ication can &e o&ser%ed in e8)eri(en (ay&e )uts a little ha))y9'ace stic#er on their ho(e6or#7 %isionad1n7enthusias((oti%ationThe result is that )eo)le (ay not 6or# as hard, or acco()li e''icient % categori0e %7s)lit second   re &eing 6atched as 6e )er'or( so(e acti%ity  curate (essage than 6hat 6e intend7 ha%e learned a&out the )ossi&le conse.uences o' their actions7s, it also occurs 're.uently in e%eryday settings, h as (uch, as they 6ould i' the 6ere 6or#ing alone and their indi%idual out)ut 6ere &eing (easured7
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