Special issue: “Developing a Service Research Agenda in Sports” The Service Industries Journal Deadline March 1, 2015

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  Special issue: “Developing a Service Research Agenda in Sports” The Service Industries Journal Deadline March 1, 2015
  CALL FOR PAPERSSpecial issue:  “ Developing a ServiceResearch Agenda in Sports ” Guest Editor:Rodoula H. siotsou he Service !ndustries"ournal http:##$$$.tand%online.co&#%si' ()*( "ournal !&pact Factor: *.)*+   Sport services are among the largest and fastest growing industries worldwide. Today's globalsports industry is worth between €35 billion and €!5 billion "#!$%#& billion() according toa recent *.T. +earney study of sports teams) leagues and federations. This includes infrastructureconstruction) sporting goods) licensed products and live sports events ",ygband and -ollignon)(./iven the significant and sustained growth of the sport industry worldwide) research is needed togain a better understanding of the managerial and mar0eting aspects and practices of theindustry. 1rior research in sports management is primarily based in certain topics such as sportsponsorship) sport fan behavior2segmentation and sport event management. *mis and Sil0 "5(call for alternative approaches to the study of sport management 4to push at the horions of thefield4 and 4aid the power of those in the academy to "conduct and( apply research so that itimpacts) and is meaningful to) the various communities that sport management has the potentialto touch4 "p. 355(. 6n a recent article) 7oherty "( argues for an interdisciplinary approach instudying sports. * new research agenda is needed in sports based on solid theoretical framewor0sand providing meaningful directions to researchers and managers. *lthough the sport industry isa service industry) research in sports only scratches the surface of service perspectives and could benefit from the dynamics and developments of the service research agenda. This will identifyma8or research gaps and provide directions for future research developments.6n line with service research priorities identified by 9strom et al. "() the purpose of thisspecial issue is to move forward and develop a holistic service%based research agenda for sportservices by identifying and encouraging research in topics that have been ignored) neglected) or attracted limited academic attention so far.  OP!CS o% !,ERES -onceptual and research papers) critical reviews) and both :ualitative and :uantitative studiesdiscussing and researching topics related to sport services "spectator and participation sports ;  profit and non profit( are invited to be submitted. 6nterdisciplinary approaches are particularlywelcome. 1apers can fall under the one or more of the following indicative areas6mproving <ell%=eing through Transformative Sport Services  6mproving consumer and societal welfare through sport services  7elivering sport services in a sustainable manner "i.e.) one that preserves health)society) and the environment(  +eeping a service focus as a sport organiation grows) matures) and changes  /lobaliing a sport organiation>s culture across different countries 6nnovation and Service 7esign in Sport Services  6dentifying drivers of sustained new sport service success  6dentifying and managing customers> roles throughout the sport service innovation process.  7esigning dynamic and fle?ible sport services across economic cycles) maturitystages) and mar0et segments  *ligning service design approaches with e?isting organiational structures  @earning systematically about how to best engage customers and employees incollaborative service design  *ffective computing in new sport service design 9ptimiing Service Aetwor0s and Balue -hains in Sports  9ptimiing inter%organiational service networ0 collaboration around customer e?periences  -reating and improving distributed sport services networ0s globally  Canaging upstream and downstream migration in the sport services value chain"e.g.) properties) rights management) event management) content pac0aging(  Dsing outsourcing for enhanced sport service productivity and success=randing Sport Services  Effectively branding sport services and identifying ways to assess brand value anddevelop consumer%brand relationships  Farnessing social media>s impact on sport brands  Gorging closer relationships between employees and the sport brand@everaging Technology to Enhance the Service E?perience in Sports through Balue -o%creation  Canaging the customer e?perience across comple? and diverse sport offerings)touch points) and customers  7riving sport customer2service collaboration through technology "e.g.) <eb 3.(  -reating) managing) and measuring the impact and returns of sport customer2fancommunities  -reating and enhancing tools for capturing the value in use for sport services andcommunicating value to sport customers and throughout the sport organiation   6ntegrating the role of sport customers) employees) and technology for valueoptimiation "e.g.) the use of self%service technologies in tic0eting(  =uilding sport business models for new service technologies "e.g.) internet andmobile game broadcasting( S-/!SS!O, G-!DEL!,ES Submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter that clearly states that the manuscript constitutes srcinal wor0 that has not previously been published) accepted for publication) or  presently under consideration elsewhere. 1rior to submission it is e?pected that the Service 6ndustries Hournal author guidelines have been followed in full "http22www.tandfonline.com2action2authorSubmissionI8ournal-odeJfsi8KpageJinstructions(. 6nitial submissions will be reviewed by the guest editor and if 8udged suitable then placed for double%blind review. *rticles should be no more than &) words in length. 1apers should be submitted online at http22mc.manuscriptcentral.com2fsi8 between ,ove&0er   *1 ()*2 and /arch *1 ()*3 . 1lease select the tab for the special issue on 4  Developing a Service  Research Agenda in Sports 4 when you submit your paper on the online platform. E?pected  publication date of the Special 6ssue is in &. *ny :uestions about the special issue can be directed to the guest editor Rodoula H. siotsou *ssociate 1rofessor of Services Car0eting7epartment of =usiness *dministrationDniversity of Cacedonia) /reece  Email: rtsiotsou@uom.edu.gr  or rtsiotsou@gmail.com SELECED REFERE,CES =itner) C.H.) S.<. =rown and C.@. Ceuter "()LTechnology infusion in service encounters>) Hournal of the *cademy of Car0eting Science) $ "() 3$%!M.=uttgen) C.) Schumann) H.F. and *tes) ,. "(. Service locus of control and customer coproduction The role of prior service e?perience and organiational socialiation. Hournal of Service Nesearch) 5"() &&%$.   -arlson) H. and 9'-ass) *. "(. E?ploring the relationships between e%service :uality) satisfaction) attitudes and behaviours in content%driven e%service web sites. Hournal of Services Car0eting) ! "()  ; O.-hang) +. and -helladurai) 1. "3(. System%based :uality dimensions in fitness services 7evelopment of the scale of :uality. The Service 6ndustries Hournal) 3"5() &5%$3.7ecrop) *. and 7erbai?) -. "(. 1ride in contemporary sport consumption a mar0eting  perspective. Hournal of the *cademy of Car0eting Science) 3$"5() 5$&%&3.  7e Fei8) N.) Bermeulen) 1. and Teunter) @. "&(. Strategic actions in European soccer 7o they matterI The Service 6ndustries Hournal) &"&() &5%&3.GPller) H.) Hawec0i) /.) CPhlbacher) F. "O(. 6nnovation creation by online bas0etball communities) Hournal of =usiness Nesearch) &"() &%O.Fallmann) +. <ic0er) 1. =reuer) -. and Schonherr) @. "(. Dnderstanding the importance of sport infrastructure for participating in different sports ; findings from multi%level modeling. European Sport Canagement Quarterly)  "5() 55%5!!.Farris) @.-. and 9gbonna) E. "$(. The dynamics underlying service firm%customer relationships 6nsights from a study of English 1remier @eague soccer fans. Hournal of Service Nesearch) "!() 3$%3MM.6rwin) N.@.) ,wic0) 7.) and Sutton) <.*. "MMM(. *ssessing organiational attributes contributingto mar0eting e?cellence in *merican professional sport franchises. European Hournal of Car0eting) 33"32!() 3!%3$.Celancon) H.1.) Aoble) S.C.) and Aoble) -.F. "(. Canaging rewards to enhance relational worth. Hournal of the *cademy of Car0eting Science) 3M"3() 3!%3&.Cerrilees) =.) /et) 7.) and 9>=rien) 7. Car0eting sta0eholder analysis =randing the =risbane /oodwill /ames. European Hournal of Car0eting) 3M"M2() &%OO.1rahalad) -.+. and B. Namaswamy "!()L-o%creation e?periences The ne?t practice in value creation>) Hournal of 6nteractive Car0eting) $ "3() 5%!.1ullman) C.E. and C. *. /ross) "!()L*bility of e?perience design elements to elicit emotionsand loyalty behaviors>) 7ecision Sciences) 35 "() 55%5O$.Noos) 6.) *. /ustafsson and =. Edvardsson "5()LThe role of customer clubs in recent telecom relationships>)  International Journal of Service Industry Management  ) *4  "5() !3&%!5!.Nust) N.T. and +.A. @emon "()LE%service and the consumer>) 6nternational Hournal of Electronic -ommerce) 3  "3() $5.Tsiotsou) N. "(. 7eveloping a scale for measuring the personality of sport teams. Hournal of Services Car0eting) &"!() 3$%5.Dhrich) S. and =en0enstein) C. "(. 1hysical and social atmospheric effects in hedonic service consumption customers> roles at sporting events. The Service 6ndustries Hournal) 3"() O!%O5O.Bargo) S.@. and N.G. @usch "!()LEvolving to a new dominant logic for mar0eting>)  Journal of  Mareting  ) &$   "Hanuary() %O.<olfe) N. Ceenaghan) T. and 9'Sullivan) 1. "(.The sport networ0 insights into the shifting  balance of power. Hournal of =usiness Nesearch) 55"O() &%&.
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