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  Title OneCRIMES AGAINST NATIONAL SECURITY AND THE LAW OF NATIONSChapter OneCRIMES AGAINST NATIONAL SECURITY Section One. Treason and Espionage Article 114.   Treason.   Article 115.   Conspiracy and proposal to commit treason;Penalty.   Article 116.   Misprision of treason.   Article 117.   Espionage.   Section Two.   Provoking war and disloyalty in case of war  Article 118.   Inciting to war or giving motives for reprisals.   Article 119.   Violation of neutrality.   Article 120.   Correspondence with hostile country  Article 121.   Flight to enemy country.   Section Three.   Piracy and mutiny on the high seas or inPhilippine waters Article 122.   Piracy in general and mutiny on the highseas.   Article 123.   Qualified piracy   Title TwoCRIMES AGAINST THE FUNDAMENTALLAWS OF THE STATEChapter OneARBITRARY DETENTION OR EXPULSION,VIOLATION OF DWELLING, PROHIBITION,INTERRUPTION, AND DISSOLUTION OFPEACEFUL MEETINGS AND CRIMESAGAINST RELIGIOUS WORSHIPSection One.    Arbitrary detention and expulsion Article 124.    Arbitrary detention Article 125.   Delay in the delivery of detained persons tothe proper judicial authorities.   Article 126.   Delaying release.   Article 127.   Expulsion Section Two.   Violation of domicile Article 128.   Violation of domicile.   Article 129.   Search warrants maliciously obtained andabuse in the service of those legally obtained Article 130.   Searching domicile without witnesses.   Section Three.   Prohibition, interruption and dissolution of  peaceful meetings Article 131.   Prohibition, interruption and dissolution of  peaceful meetings.    Section Four.   Crimes against religious worship Article 132.   Interruption of religious worship Article 133.   Offending the religious feelings.   Title ThreeCRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDERChapter OneREBELLION, SEDITION AND DISLOYALTY Article 134.   Rebellion or insurrection Article 134-A.   Coup d'etat; Article 135.   Article 136.   Conspiracy and proposal to commit coupd'etat, rebellion or insurrection Article 137.   Disloyalty of public officers or employees.   Article 138.   Inciting a rebellion or insurrection Article 139.   Sedition Article 140.   Article 141.   Conspiracy to commit sedition.   Article 142.   Inciting to sedition.   Chapter TwoCRIMES AGAINST POPULARREPRESENTATIONSection One.   Crimes against legislative bodies and similar bodies  Article 143.    Act tending to prevent the meeting of the Assembly and similar bodies Article 144.   Disturbance of proceedings.   Section Two.   Violation of parliamentary immunity  Article 145.   Violation of parliamentary immunity. . Chapter ThreeILLEGAL ASSEMBLIES ANDASSOCIATIONSArticle 146.   Illegal assemblies.   Article 147.   Illegal associations. Chapter FourASSAULT UPON, AND RESISTANCE ANDDISOBEDIENCE TO, PERSONS INAUTHORITY AND THEIR AGENTSArticle 148.   Direct assaults.   Article 149.   Indirect assaults.   Article 150.   Disobedience to summons issued by theNational Assembly, its committees or subcommittees, by the ConstitutionalCommissions, its committees, subcommitteesor divisions.   Article 151.   Resistance and disobedience to a person inauthority or the agents of such person.   Article 152.   Persons in authority and agents of persons inauthority; Who shall be deemed as such
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