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  ME150P/B1 GROUP 1 PLATE 3: EQUIPMENT SELECTION EQUIPMENT SELECTION OF AIR-HANDLING UNIT 1-2 RIVERA GILBERT C. Engr. Renato Afurong Adviser  ME150P/B1 GROUP 1 PLATE 3.2: EQUIPMENT SELECTION OF AIR HANDLING UNIT A.   Air-Handling Unit Selection Data ITEM Air Handling Unit AHU 1-2 Capacity in Tons 17.9724 Effective Room Sensible Heat in BTU per hour 119670.9 Effective Room Latent Heat in BTU per hour 19403.28 Effective Room Total Heat in BTU per hour 139074.2 Total Sensible Heat (SC) 130563.86 Grand Total Heat 215667.8 Dehumidified CFM 5490 External Static Pressure in Inch Water Gage 0.2935 Entering Dry Bulb / Entering Wet Bulb 79.438/66.38 Leaving Dry Bulb / Leaving Wet Bulb 54.168/53.9 Chilled Water Flow in gallons per minute 43.13 Entering/Leaving Chilled Water Temp, °F 44/54 Estimate Flow for Chilled Water in gallons per minute for AHU Given: Capacity (for AHU 1-2) = 17.9724 Terminal Difference, TD = 10°F For AHU 4-1 Chilled Water Flow = (12000 x Q) / (500 x TD) = (12000 x 17.9724) / (500 x 10) = 43.13 gallons per minute   ME150P/B1 GROUP 1 PLATE 3.2: EQUIPMENT SELECTION OF AIR HANDLING UNIT B.   Air-Handling Unit Selected Data Item AHU 1-2 (13.5 Hours) Unit Model / Size LPC AC12 EK / Size 12 Fan CFM (with reference to Dehumidified CFM) 5490 Type of Fan Vertical Units Fan, Front Top Discharge Selected Motor Brake Horsepower 2.78022 Motor revolution per Minute 768.844 Total Static Pressure 1.5512 External Static Pressure (Air Distribution Losses in Inch Water Gage) 0.4082 Internal Static Pressure (Losses in the AHU in inch water gage) 1.143 a. Dampers (Face / Bypass Damper) 0.259 b. Mixing Box 0.113 c. Flat Filter 0.146 d. Cooling Coil (Air Side) 0.625 Cooling Capacity in BTU per hour 212580 Cooling Coil Model Size 12 a. Face Area in square feet 12.345 b. Face Velocity in feet per minute 444.7 c. Number of Rows per Coil 8 d. Cooling Coil Entering Dry and Wet Bulb Air Temperature in °F 80/67 e. Cooling Coil Leaving Dry and Wet Bulb Air Temperature in °F 54.775/54.418 Cooling Coil Chilled Water Flow in gallons per minute 43.13 Cooling Coil Entering and Leaving Chilled Water Temperature in °F 44/54 Cooling Coil Chilled Water Pressure Drop in feet 4.55  ME150P/B1 GROUP 1 PLATE 3.2: EQUIPMENT SELECTION OF AIR HANDLING UNIT C.   Schematic Diagram of AHU showing the Different Parameters AHU 1-2 (13.5 Hours) Trane Cooling Coil Air Side Dcfm = 5490 cfm Motor BHP = 2.78022 HP Motor RPM = 768.844 RPM ESP = 0.4082 in. WG TSP = 1.5512 in. WG ISP = 1.143 in. WG Dampers = 0.259 Mixing Box = 0.113 Flat Filter = 0.146 Cooling Coil = 0.625 FILTER LDB = 54.775 °F LWB = 54.418 °F Pressure Drop = 4.55 ft. WG Hydronic Size 12 8 Rows of Cooling Coil GPM = 43.13 GPM 44°F 54°F EDB = 80°F EWB = 67°F
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