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  TCS Ninja Previous Papers  Technical and C Questions TCS Ninja Previous Year Papers and Study materials    Also, don't share this PDF with anyone as if they will score good marks too your percentile will get decreased Some Questions don’t have options since we couldn’t find the options while trying to get questions from students who have already given TCS Test but anyways we have put the questions so can atleast give them a shot. Q.A pointer variable can be 1. Changed within function. 2. Assigned an integer value. 3. None of these 4. Passed to a function as argument. Correct Op: 4 Q. Which of the following uses structure? 1. Linked Lists 2. Array of structures 3. All of these 4. Binary Tree Correct Op: 3  Q. Strings are character arrays. The last index of it contains the null-terminated character 1. \t 2. \1 3. \0 4. \n Correct Op: 3 Q. Which of the following is a collection of different data types? 1. String 2. Structure 3. Array 4. Files Correct Op: 2 Q. What function should be used to free the memory allocated by calloc() ? 1. free(); 2. malloc(variable_name, 0) 3. dealloc(); 4. memalloc(variable_name, 0) Correct Op: 1  Q. In the standard library of C programming language, which of the following header file is designed for basic mathematical operations? 1. conio.h 2. stdio.h 3. math.h 4. Dos.h Correct Op: 3 Q. int **ptr; is? 1. Pointer to integer 2. None of these 3. Pointer to pointer 4. Invalid declaration Correct Op: 3 Q8. Which of the following special symbol allowed in a variable name? 1. (underscore) 2. - (hyphen) 3. | (pipeline) 4. * (asterisk) Correct Op: 1 Q9. All keywords in C are in
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