Pasos Transformación Normal (Rank)

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  Pasos para transformación Normal por rank en SPSS
  1.2. First thing: check the distribution of the data as it is.Select the  Mean  and SD  options, as you will need them values later.  4.34.4 After non-normality of the distribution is confirmed, go to Transform  --> Rank cases Introduce tha  variable you want to transform and select Rank types --> Factorial rank  In the Output   sheet, this Log will confirm the Ranking. Check in the Variable  tab that a new variable corresponding to the ranked data was created.   Go to Transform  --> Compute variable 1. Name first the variable that will contain the transformed data. 2. In the Function group  window on the right, seek for Inverse DF  3. In the Equations and Special Variables  window just below, seek and double-click ldf.Normal  .4. The ldf.Normal equiation has three arguments. The first (?) corresponds to the recently created ranked variable. The second and third (?) correspond to the  Mean  and the SD  of the srcinal variable, respectively.
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