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  data interpretation
  Math ke funde…all these will have lots of applications in DI also…… Code: Percentage TableSUBTRACTED ADDED4 4.16(1/24) 3.86(1/26)5 5.26(1/19) 4.76(1/21)10 11.11(1/9) 9.09(1/11)12.5 14.28(1/7) 11.11(1/9)15 17.55 1320 25 16.67(1/6)25 33.33 20(1/5)30 42.8 2340 66.67(2/3) 2850 100 33.33(1/3)60 150 37.5(3/8)when subtracted then add this% when added the subtarct this%-This table is used in questions related to topics like Profit and loss,time speed and distance, C.I.,S.I, etc. and also in D.I.-This reduces ur calculation to the minimum level( but u shud know thereciprocals till 30 for that coz it will help a lot)-Example – If the price of sugar increases then by how much % should onereduce his consumption to avoid extra expenditure.When price of sugar is increased by 50% the consumption will reduce by33.33%and like wise.This will b most useful in TSD questions.{If anyone knows abt. This % table in any book plz. Let me know the name of the book.}As my personal advice I wud suggest all ppl seriously wanting to appear for cat shud learn the reciprocals, squares and cubes till 30 and roots also. Ihave felt that this makes calculations much faster. When I was preparing for cat we were told to keep on thinking in numbers until we were comfortablewith there use all of us.  COIN CONCEPT  When 2 quantities are sold as a group together .Here r some more fundas, with examples. Example- A horse and a carriage were bought for Rs. 12000. the carriage was sold at aloss of 10% , horse was sold at a profit of 20%. Together I received Rs.13500. what is theC.P. and S.P. of each. Method- Assume everything to be a horse, so I shud have sold everything at 20% profit.20% of 12000+12000= 14400.But I received Rs. 13500 only that makes adifference of 900 or Rs. 900 are less. This also makes a difference of 30% coz wecalculated 40% profit (20+20%), but we had [+20%+(-10%)]=10%I calculated 30% more on carriage.30% or carriage=900therefore 100%=3000so now we have the individual cost of the horse, the carriage is for 9000/-and the S.P. can b calculated now.We have similar questions in many forms which can b done by applying the aboveconcept Sample Question. 5 kg of rice and 2 kg of tea cost Rs/- 35, prices of rice grew by 10%and tea by 35% and together I could purchase it for Rs.420. What is the price of tea.(in these type of questions, whatever is asked take reverse of that, here tea is asked sowork on rice.) Method  350+10% of 350=385420-385=35There is a difference of 25%(35%-10%)This is Rs. 3525% corresponds to Rs. 35therefore 100%=1402 Kg=Rs 140. so 1kg =70 Example .- I hired a servant for Rs. 300 per month and a cycle if he works for a year.After 8 months I threw him out and paid him Rs. 50 for that month and the cycle. How  much does the cycle cost? Method - In 8 months the servant has earned 2/3rd (8/12) of the cycle. So he is left with just 1/3rd of the cycle, which we will cut in place of 300 we gave him only 50.1/3 corresponds to (300-50)=250therefore 1=750. so the cost of the cycle is Rs. 750. Sample Questions –   1. Deccan queen moves for Pune from Mumbai at 5:00 a.m. and it reaches Pune at 9:00a.m. .Shatabdi starts at 7:00a.m. from Pune and reaches Mumbai at 10:30 a.m.. What timedid the 2 trains meet.2. Ajay and Vijay are at a distance of 100 mts., when 3rd time they meet ,they are at adistance of 20mts from Vijay’s side and each of them have completed at least 100 mts.,what are the ratio of the speed of Ajay and Vijay.3. One car sets off at 8:00 a.m. at 60kmph, at 11:00 a.m. another car starts at 100kmph.At what distance from the starting point both will meet.4. Mumbai to Pune local starts at 5:00 a.m. and they end at 12:00in the night. They take 4hrs .And every 15 mins. one local is initiated from each station. – a)A 5:00a.m. local willmeet how many locals in its journey. b) at what intervals it will meet the local.5. On a highway12 trucks cross in 1hour at the equal intervals, if I move from oppositedirections at double the speed of the truck , in one hr. I will cross how many trucks?6. Vijay and Pallavi went for 100, mts. ski race. Initially Pallavi’s speed was 1m/smore soPallavi gave Vijay some lead in terms of time, when Pallavi caught up with Vijay, thenVijay increased his speed by 2m/s and he was the winner by 7 minutes and 8 seconds.Had the race been 500mts longer, he would have won by 25 more seconds. A) at what point Pallavi caught up with Vijay b.) what was the lead given to Vijay. C)speed of Pallavi, speed of Vijay.Ans. for each question.1. 7:56 a.m.2. ratio-14:113. 450kms.4 a)17 trains5 36 trucks.6 A)1440 mts. C)V-3m/s P-4m/s.7. On a republic a day a 10 KM convoy has to cover 30km distance. Convoy moves at10kmph. A motorcyclists starts from back of the convoy, moves in front , again goes   back and from back again goes to the front, and in the mean time the convoy hascompleted its journey.a. What is the speed of the motorcyclists? b. If he increases his speed by double, then how many rounds will he take ?8. A,B,C had to go 100 kms. A had a motorcycle by which he could go@25 kmph.Walking is done @5kmph. A picks up B, while C walks, after sometime A drops B , Bmoves on , A comes back picks up C and all of them reach at the same time.a. At what distance B was dropped b. Motorcyclists traveled how many kms?c. Journey is of how many hours?d. A picked up C at what distance?9. Robbery took place at 5:00a.m. and robbers took at speed of 60kmph at 9:00 a.m. police went after the chase @80kmph . A helicopter moved @120 kmph which used togo to the robbers and come back to police and again go back. Ultimately when robberswere caught, helicopter had moved how many kilometers toward the robbers. Sample questions.  1. A,B,C can finish the work in 10,12,15 days. A,B started working, then B left after 2days. In how much time the work will be completed, if C joined after 4 days.2. A can do a work in 15 days, A& B started, but after 4 days B left and the work wascompleted in 10 days. How much time will B take to complete the whole work.3. A can finish a work in 30 minutes , B in 45 Minutes, but C was disturbing them and breaking the work ,They could finish the work in 3 hours. How much time c can break the work.4. ( use data form above question also) If C is a destroyer and talks 10 days to destroy thework and order being A,B, C. In how much time work will be completed.5. A can do a work in 20 days , B in 10 days and C in 25 days. 1 day before the work wasto be completed C left, then half day before the work was scheduled to be completed Bleft and now A completed the work.a. In how many days the work will get over? b. How much extra time was taken?
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