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  So, for all the following chapters, I beg and suggest all of you who are under the age of 18 not to read this. I Don t Own Anything! Life s Little Choices (Part 3, The End) Chapter 51 - Getting Ready (Lemon) Would you like to join me in the shower? Bella asked, grabbing her clothes from her bag in our closet. Do you really think that's wise? I asked, showing her the smile I knew she loved best. I suppose not, she sighed, standing up and heading into our bathroom. I chuckled softly to mysel
  So, for all the following chapters, I beg and suggest all of you who are under the ageof 18 not to read this. I Dont Own Anything!Lifes Little Choices (Part 3, The End)Chapter 51 - Getting Ready (Lemon)   Would you like to join me in the shower? Bella asked, grabbing her clothes from herbag in our closet. Do you really think that's wise? I asked, showing her the smile I knew she loved best. I suppose not, she sighed, standing up and heading into our bathroom.I chuckled softly to myself as I took off my shirt, tossing it on the floor next to me. Atleast I didn't have to wonder if she'd enjoyed our love making so far. It was clearlyevident in her beautiful, brown eyes.I grabbed my shirt, intending to put it in the hamper, when I noticed she had left thedoor wide open. The last time Bella had left a door open it had not ended well for her.I was shocked she would do it on purpose. Her back was to me as she pulled off hershirt. I wanted to look away, but my feet were glued to the floor. She slowly shimmiedout of her jeans. As she reached around her back for her bra strap, my feetremembered how to move.I wrapped my arms around her waist and gently pulled her against my chest. Isabella, I whispered as I kissed her neck. Do you have any idea what you're doingto me right now? Maybe a little, she said, leaning further into me. Her smile was clear in her voice. But you don't think it's wise to join me in here so you should leave. Noembarrassment this time! The little vixen was taunting me. It was only fair to return it. You're right, I said.I let her go then spun her around to face me. I grinned wickedly at her before scoopingher up and tossing her over my shoulder. She squealed as I brought her out of thebathroom and dropped her onto our bed.I crawled above her and smiled down at her. This is much better.   I don't think so, Tutor-boy, she giggled. Her happiness made me feel happy. Youhave too many clothes on. You could always fix that, I said, kissing along her neck and shoulder. And if I don't want to? she asked, tugging at my jeans by the belt loops. You wouldn't have left the bathroom door wide open, I replied, staring into her eyes. You don't know that for sure, she said, smiling coyly at me. For all you know, Imerely forgot to close it again. It's not like you're a mind reader or anything. True, but I like to think I've learned a little about reading your eyes and face since I'vemet you. And since you aren't blushing, it clearly wasn't an accident. And what are my eyes telling you? You love me. That's certainly true. Anything else? You are enjoying teasing me right now. Possibly. What else? It's been far too long since I kissed you and touched you and held you close, Iwhispered, holding her in my arms. It was certainly true enough for me. I loved hermore than I ever thought was possible. I love you so much, Bella. I kissed her again.While I kissed her, she ran her little hands across my shoulders and down my chest.My breathing hitched a little when her hands moved down and started unbuttoningmy jeans. I let her get them open and down my legs, then I stepped out of them, neverbreaking our kiss. It was still too soon when I had to let her go to breathe. I love you, Edward, she panted, as I kissed across her shoulders. I love you, Bella. I smiled against her skin, enjoying the knowledge that I made herfeel this way.I lifted my head to kiss her lips again when Emmett's booming voice carried across thehouse. We both stopped moving, looking at each other warily.  You locked the door, right? she asked with a panicked look in her eyes.I ran to our door and grabbed the handle, glad to see it had been locked. I thoughtabout the look on her face just now and the one from last night when she had beencrying. Maybe we should just save this for later, I sighed, leaning against the door. Yeah, maybe, she said softly.She climbed off the bed and went into our bathroom, not even glancing toward me. Iwondered if I had made a mistake. Maybe she hadn't wanted me to stop.The shower turned on as I stood against the door, trying to figure out what the rightthing to do would be in this situation. I ran my hand through my hair and realized I hadno idea. I would have to ask her. I took a deep breath and headed into our bathroom.Bella was leaning forward, letting the water pound against her back and shoulders. Istepped in behind her and softly kissed the wet skin of her back. Edward, what are you doing? she asked, her voice sounding somewhere betweenanger and pleasure. I'm sorry for earlier, I whispered as I brushed my lips against the nape of her neck. Iwasn't sure what you wanted. I don't want Emmett and you to argue again. If youwant us to wait until tonight, we will, but I just wanted to be close to you right now. Ilove you so much, Bella. I don't want to do anything that will upset you. She turned and faced me. Edward, I appreciate the sentiment. It's very sweet of you.But there are only two people in our relationship and Emmett isn't one of them. I maynot want him to know we have reached this step in our relationship, but I won't let hispresence stop me from experiencing it either. She put her hands against my chest and smiled up at me. I was blown away once againby how beautiful she looked when she smiled. So if you want to love me then love me. But you better decide before Alice comeslooking for us. I have a feeling she could pick your lock if she really wanted to. I crashed my lips to hers, letting the kiss be my answer to her. She wrapped her armsaround my neck, pulling herself closer to me. I lifted her up and wrapped her legsaround my waist, balancing her between the wall and my chest. I hoped the tile wallwasn't too cold for her.  The water fell down around us as if we were caught outside in a very warm rainstorm.I moved my lips to her neck, licking up the droplets of water. A soft moan escaped hergorgeous lips.Slowly, I pushed forward into her, being careful to not hurt her in any way. I thoughtonce again about how lucky I was I had decided to go to dinner with everyone to meetthis wonderful woman. I started sucking at her neck, enjoying the taste of her skin. Don't you dare give me a bruise there, she hissed, nudging my head with hers. I promise, I won't, I chuckled against her skin. Did she think I had a death wish?Emmett would absolutely kill me if he saw a hickie on Bella!Neither of us spoke after that. The only sounds around us were the patter of thewater, Bella's shallow breaths, and my own attempts to find air. She fit perfectly intomy arms and I was so happy to have her close to me, sharing in this with me. I hadnever been happier that I had waited for the right person  for her. She was worthevery second of it.As she shivered in my arms, both of us working to calm down from our release, Iprofessed my love to her in soft whispers. I didn't know if she even heard any of it, butI felt the need to tell her. I kissed her neck one last time before setting her down onher feet.I grabbed her shampoo and washed her hair for her, gently massaging her scalp. Then Iwashed her body, just like I had done on the first night in the hotel. I made sure torinse away all the soap.I kissed her on the forehead. You had better go find Alice now, love. I love you, Edward, she said, giving me a quick hug. I love you, Bella. She smiled at me one more time as she closed the shower door. I shook my head andchuckled to myself. How had I ended up with such an angel? She was so perfect. Shewas charming, stunning, witty, brave, and so unbelievably loving. Not to mentioninsanely gorgeous.I finished up my own shower and then quickly dressed. I chose a pair of jeans and awhite button up shirt. I felt it had the best chance of passing Alice's fashion standards.
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