Latin America's Leftist Bloc — Self-Defeating Political Pretenders | Hugo Chávez | Fidel Castro

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  Latin America's Leftist Bloc of Pretenders
    Home  |  Columns  |  Media Watch  |  Reports  |  Links  |  About Us  |  Contact   Column 091911 Brewer   Monday, September 19, 2011   Latin America's Leftist Bloc — Self-DefeatingPolitical Pretenders   By Jerry Brewer    While some oppressing dictatorial-style leaders inLatin America have remained for decades, as well assome being defeated and rising again from the ashes with falsely purported platforms of reform, theleftist-bloc is alive but not well.    Although quite possibly suffering from a potentially terminal illness, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavezremains with a self-proclaimed voice that herecently said will not shut. Perhaps a Venezuelanelectorate contemplating regime change for 2012might want him to speak out more about the foodshortages, infrastructure ruin and decay, the lack of human rights, and the incredible and escalating violent crime and massive homicide rates the nationis facing.    With former veterans of failure remaining withinthe hemisphere in leadership roles, their decliningsupport before a world audience and media hassomewhat shifted their desire to stand on a worldstage alone, and apparently enthusiastically passedthe baton to Venezuela's ruling regime.Chavez seized the moment and the day to stand vociferously on a teetering platform to regularly and vehemently criticize the US, capitalism, democraticand media freedoms, and anyone that does notsupport his version of democratic-socialist rule.   Even the likes of Cuba's octogenarian Fidel Castro,and Nicaragua's reinvented President Daniel Ortega, who led the Sandinista National Liberation Front,continue to express the usual leftist anti-US and  democratic diatribe. However, they seem to leavemuch of their short sightedness and mostly inaccurate and unsubstantiated rhetoric to Chavezas their mouthpiece.Fidel Castro, no stranger to a dictatorial world stage,led Cuba unsuccessfully (depending on left or rightleaning positions) as President from 1976 to 2008, while serving as the First Secretary of theCommunist Party of Cuba from 1961 until 2011.Castro, self-described politically as a Marxist-Leninist, converted Cuba into a one-party state, withthe state ownership and nationalization of industry and socialist reforms in virtually all areas of Cubansociety.Castro's participation in several armed rebellions inthe Dominican Republic and Colombia promptedhim to challenge the US backed Cuban PresidentFulgencio Bautista in 1953 and failed. In his defeathe was imprisoned, and upon release he joined his brother Raul Castro and revolutionary Che Guevaraand put together a group of murdering Cubanrevolutionaries.   In 2006 Castro began to forge support alliances withsimilar leftist regimes and the Bolivarian Alliancefor the Americas. Hugo Chavez proclaimed Castroand revolutionary Che Guevara his mentors. This new reign of leftist authoritarian andunscrupulous tried-and-failed style of governmentcontinues to manifest itself in human rights abuses,attacks on media and journalists, and increasingpoverty and misery for the suffering people of Cubaand Venezuela.Chavez's perceived mental errors and serious lack of intellectual decorum have even allowed for hisregime to support the Venezuelan-borninternational terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez -known as Carlos the Jackal. The Jackal is currently serving a life sentence in a French prison, his recordand notoriety based on exploits as the Cold War-era mastermind of deadly bombings, killings, andhostage taking. Last week Venezuela's Foreign Minister, Nicolas  Maduro, announced on state television that Venezuelan authorities would make permanentcontacts to support'' the infamous Venezuelan. Hedid not give any details on the specific assistance to be provided by Venezuelan officials.   Chavez's unceremonious role as the leftist bloc'smouthpiece within Latin America continues toinform world media of his support for Iran, NorthKorea, Russia, China, and Syria's assault andmurder of Syrian protesters. Thousands have fledPresident Bashar al-Assad's deadly assaults againstthe Syrian people. An estimated 2,600 people have been killed in Syria during the governmentcrackdown on protesters.In Syria, prodemocracy activists have called for a day of anger against Russia's decision to stop UNsanctions against the Assad regime. Too, Syrianopposition sources said Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has sent snipers to help inSyria's crackdown against the protesters. Snipers were ordered to target protest organizers as well asthose filming the demonstrations. The IRGC hassupplied sharpshooters who accompany Syriansecurity forces to all demonstrations and shoot thekey people, an opposition source said.Cuba is currently dealing with their own protesters,labeled dissidents. Many have been forcibly removed from the streets. Protesters are demanding change, freedom, rights, and a transparentprocess.   Chavez, as the perceived spokesmen for the leftistpolitical alliances, has much to do and say about hisown backyard. Last year Venezuela's homicide rate was more than double that of Mexico (which isengulfed in drug-related violence), and the thirdhighest in the region, after Honduras and ElSalvador. Venezuela's stability is seriously threatened with amyriad of homeland issues.    ----------Jerry Brewer is C.E.O. of Criminal JusticeInternational Associates, a global threat mitigationfirm headquartered in northern Virginia. His website is located at  TWITTER: cjiausa  
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