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  It remain said that, only accomplished the coming of that Similar to the Son of man, to everything restore, coming, also, to be that with the IRON SCEPTER that will have to drive. Because, if the sons of God taking their time to wait for the occurrences, they fatally will occur… And, if they think to not wait, they fatally will occur, causing agonies and hopelessness much longer and depth. For so much betraying the Law in name of the Law, the Model Word in His same name, and blaspheming against the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the religions, the sectarianisms and the morbid factiounisms dig to the Humanity the spiritual and moral abysm in which it is. The Apocalypse points to the facts that will have to everything RENEW. For Israel, therefore, have to cooperate for the futures generations do not wallow in the same ignorance and misfortunes.
  ISRAEL – ITS ORIGIN AND ITS DESTINY! From the innermost of the Adamic Legion, that came banished from one of theGoat Constellation’s planets, substantial part of the wrong people or criminals was of character said of religious, sectarian, or belonging to ISMS that, speaking in Gog, in Truth, in the Divine justice, everything distorted, digressed, hypocriticized, etc…Like nowa days, in the end of the second millennium of Christian Era, they make everybody theslaves of mafias ISMS, which from God, from Truth and from the Divine Justice, only thepretexts to maintain theirs deviations, digressing the sons of God from the RIGHT WAY.And they are banished, coming to the Earth Planet, World of Expiations, or of punishment, etc.Every wrong or criminal, should compensate themselves in error or crime direction,and, therefore, to the wrongs of the said religious character, thus it is important to haveto fixed themselves. In the Earth, such wrongs made the portion that became the ChosenPeople, the Israel, that race by compensating blemishes, would come to be Initiates,Prophets, Masters, appearing as big leaders in subjects of God, of Spirit, of the Holy SpiritGifts, Charisma or Mediunship cultivation, the vehicles of Angels or Messenger Spiritscommunicability, or discarnates.Every Humanity, in evolution, in the right time receives a Basic Moral Code, or Lawof God, and, in right time, the Law of God come, through the Chosen People, or Israel, as Yeve, representing God, promised to the Patriarchs, through theophanous phenomenon,or Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and, therefore from the communicability of Angels orMessengers Spirits. So, after the Patriarchs, in a continuous service, came through theChosen People, or that portion came upon, the delivery of the Supreme Document of theHumanity living in the Earth. Eve, the Primitive Race, and the came upon or adamicsreceived the Basic Document of Behavior.  1 -I am the Lord your God, there is no other God.2 -You shall not make any images to adore.3 -You shall not utter the name of God in vain.4 -You shall have a day in the week for resting and retreat.5 -You shall honor father and mother.6 -You shall not kill.7 -You shall not commit adultery.8 -You shall not steal.9 -You shall not give false testimony.10 -You shall not covet anything that belongs to someone else.  The said majors Prophets, the transmitters of the Angelic or Messengers Legions,by filtering the commands or teachings from the Planetary Direction, also were from theinnermost portion which errors were of religious or spiritual character. And any reader,having the instruction he has, can and should understand the prophetic lessons thatemanate from the texts bellow, because the Moses desire and the God Promises, unifyingthemselves for a sole marvelous heap, constituent part of the Messianic Task of theChosen People. HOLY SPIRIT IS MEDIUMSHIP AND CHARISMA  “Would to Lord should give His Holy Spirit and that all flesh prophesied” – Numbers, 11, 29.“I will pour out My Holy Spirit on thy seed and my blessing upon thy offspring.” – Isaiah, 44, 3.“I will pour out My Holy Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall have dreams, your young men shall have visions” – Joel, 2,28.“For the promise is into you, and to all that are afar off, and whomsoever the Lord shall call to Him.” – Acts, chap. 2“From now on, you shall see the heaven opened and the angels of God ascendingand descending upon the Son of man” – John, 1, 51.“God is not God of the dead, but of the living, because those who are worthy of resurrection shall be as angels in heaven” – Matthew, chap. 22.“But you shall receive the virtue of the Holy Spirit which will come upon you and  you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the Earth” – Acts, chap. 1.“For the promise is into you, and to all that are afar off, and whomsoever the Lord shall call to Him.” – Acts, chap. 2“Because to one is given the word of wisdom by the Holy Spirit; to another theword of science; to another faith; to other the gifts of healing; to another the working of wonders; to another prophecy; to another, the discernment of spirits; to another diversekinds of tongues; to another the interpretation” – I Ep. Corinthians, chap. 12.“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they arefrom God; because many false prophets have risen in the world” – I Ep. John, chap. 4.“God also bearing them witness by signs, miracles, diverse wonders and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, distributed according to His own will” – Hebrews, 2, 4.“Formerly in Israel, when a man went to consult God, he spoke thus: ‘Come, and let us go to the seer’, because he who is now called a Prophet was then called a seer” – ISamuel, 9, 9.“And these signs shall follow those who believe; they shall cast out demons; they shall speak new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any poison, it shallnot hurt them; they shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” – Mark 16,17.“Whosoever sins against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whosoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit shall be accused of the Divine Justice” –Luke 12, 10. * * *As it is easy to observe, the texts present the Divine Program, The On goingPromise, from the Patriarchs to Apocalypse, with the incarnation of Moses or Elijahcoming ahead, to present the Messiah, or Exemplary Word, which other truths should bethe Spreader of the Gifts, the deliver of the Glorious Pentecost, the generalizer of theRevelation Grace. As everything constitute one sole MARVELOUS PROPHETIC BODY, THATBECOME IN FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINAIRE, it is important to careful read the meaning of the Exemplary Word, the announced Messiah, the Alfa and Omega, with all the DIVINEHEAP OF GRACE AND TRUTH. THE MEANING OF THE DIVINE WORD  He is prior to the World;  promised millenniums before incarnating; announced by Messenger Gabriel whenit was time to incarnate;  do not born from man;  He have MEASURELESS Gifts of the Holly Spirit or Mediumship;   produces great mediumistic deeds;  does not stay in the tomb;  accomplish the Divine Promise to deliver the Spread of Gifts to all flesh;  He commands to deliver the Book of Forthcoming Events, the Apocalypse. That is his unmistakable Marks, to be Alfa and Omega, or to represent the Spiritand the Matter, the Worlds and the Humanities, or everything that deriving from God,from the Principle, to return to Him, Principle, as SPIRIT AND TRUTH, GOD IN GODAnd by being He, the Model or Exemplary World, of everything that derives fromthe Principle and to the Principle must return, that is what He said of the Law, that is notfrom Initiates, Prophets or Christs, but from God “Go and live the Law.” “I do not come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill It” “From the Law nothing shall pass without everything have fulfillment.” “To sin against a minimum Commandment is like sinning against the whole Law.” “My father, my mother and my brothers are those who hear the Law, and practiceit.” “According to your deeds, the same way you shall receive.” “Father, in Your hands I commend my spirit.” “You shall not go out from there till you pay the last farthing.”  Disgracefully, the priests or rabbis had been deviated the Chosen People from the Truth, the pretending or simulations sellers, the persecutors and murders of Prophets, of God emissaries. Thus, study carefully the worlds of the Model World, or of the Messiah,on the priests or rabbis: “Woe unto you, priests, scribes and pharisees, who stand by the gates of theTemple of the Truth, not coming in and not allowing the entrance of the ones who could come in.” “Woe unto you, hypocritical priests and pharisees, the prostitutes and theeffeminates are ahead of you on the way to Heaven.” “Woe unto you, who persecuted and killed the Prophets, one more you shall kill,and for all these crimes you shall be responsible for.”  THE DIVINE PROGRAM AND THE DOCTRINAIRE ORDER  The Divine Program is the reality of the Spirit and the Matter, Worlds andHumanities, and of the Ruling Fundamental Laws, due to the PRINCIPLE OF THEDETERMINISM, GOD OR DIVINE FATHER, WHICH IS THE ESSENTIAL ONE, OMNIPRESENT,OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT, because everything is and moves over HISDETERMINATION, to reach the finality, that is to return to the ESSENTIAL ONE, THEPRINCIPLE, AS HE IS, SPIRIT AND TRUTH. The Exemplary World Gospel is the wholemovement, of everything that derivate from the Principle and to Him must return. It isthe Alfa and Omega, Origin, Movement and Finality.Doctrinaire Order is the TEACHING sent by the Principle, through the DirectionalEchelons, of Revelation. And, therefore, any honest person recognize that the in the Bibleeverything that is TEACHINGS AND GRACES came through Angels or CommunicativeMessengers Spirits. Usually, therefore, trough persons having Spirituals Gifts orMediumships. From the Exemplary World it was registered that He would haveMEASURELESS Gifts of the Holy Spirit.   The Law and the Model World are Determinants Factors, and who is against willfatally be crumbled, as affirmed by the Model Word. Regarding the Spiritual Gifts, it isimportant to read and to understand well the texts to know what they are and for whatthey are useful, by being cultivated in the bosom of the Law and of the Exemplary Word. THAT NOBODY WANTS TO BE JUDGE OF GOD  The Humanity is overloaded of arrogant, petulant peoples, keepers of fake sciencesand fake humilities, creators of purulent and stinky conceptions, which judge to bedepressing to speak of God, in the Divine Justice, in the Law of God, in the Model Wordand in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit or Mediunships. However, to the honest persons werecommend the reading of the following texts, that the human condition will never beagainst the intelligence of then: GOD – Who does not understand about God complicates himself in everything,because without the Original Cause nothing exists. Who understands on the OmnipresentPrinciple tends to solve everything accurately and happily, because it is in the Principleor God that the DIVINE PROGRAM has the Origin, the Movement and the Sacred Finalityto be reached. God is THE ESSENTIAL ONE WHO REVEALS HIMSELF AS CREATION, and HeHimself, in the end, re-absorbs everything, because He is always THE SAME ESSENCIALONE that manifests Himself, and if at any time He ceased to do so, all the so-calledCreation would cease to exist. Hermes, Krishna, Pythagoras and others have alreadytaught the DIVINE MONISM, and the Model Word and Modeler, lived by Jesus, was thetotal exemplifier, so much that His apocalyptical title is ALPHA and OMEGA, everythingthat derives from The Principle and to Him returns, as SPIRIT AND TRUTH. DIVINE OR FUNDAMENTAL LAWS – Eternal, Perfect and Immutable, allsummarized in the so-called DIVINE JUSTICE, where there is no place for false mercies,favors or insolences, all of this which is made by religions and by doctrines of men,incarnates and discarnates. What it is not by the Divine Justice will never be by otherway. Many people have been claiming for the Divine Mercy in the tenebrous abysses of the sub-crust, in the thresholds and in the expiatory incarnations, but It never presentsitself, because the presence of the DIVINE JUSTICE is absolute. Very biblical is thatteaching: DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO WORK INIQUITY. It is also from the Bible: YOUSHALL PAY TILL THE LAST FARTHING. SON SPIRIT – Every spiritual spark or son of God derives from Him with all theDivine Virtues in potential state, and must develop Them through the biological andevolutionary process, in the Worlds and in the lives or incarnations, facing conditions andsituations, until he comes to be Spirit and Truth or Totally United or God in God. In Godnothing grows or diminishes, everything derives from Him and to Him returns and this isthe DIVINE REALITY, THE DIVINE MONISM, and THE INTEGRAL SCIENCE OR THE SCIENCEOF THE UNITY. Nobody and nothing will be eternally son of God; everything will comeback to the DIVINE CRUCIBLE, AS DIVINE. For such development, everything depends onthe inward effort, because, from outside, no favors nor insolences will ever come, andnot even the false mercies invented by cheaters, manufacturers of religions and clergies,whose tricks always aim at the money and the obedience of the fools or simpletons. PERISPIRIT OR VEHICLE OF THE SOUL – First, in the evolutionary beginnings of the spark, the crown of Divine Light is formed; then six energetic crowns, where thechakras or plexus are also formed. Without the chakras or plexus, the physical sensesand the mediumistic faculties – the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – would not work. Theperispirit has beginning and end because it goes on divinizing or sublimating itself with
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