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  Inteligenta Artificiala
  //liste #include <stdio.h>#include <string.h>#include <malloc.h>//structura unui nod / celule / elementtypedef struct NOD{ //NOD numele ales ptr. structuraint id;//.... alte inform. asociate noduluiNOD *urm,*ant; // adresele nodurilor urmator si anteriorNOD;//func!e ptr. crearea unei liste//intoarce adresa capului nodului primul nod din listaNOD* f$creare$lista int n // n nr. de celule alocate{ NOD *caplista,*p,*p%;//p% & adresa nodului anterior for int i'(;i<n;i)) { p' NOD*malloc sieof NOD; memset p,(,sieof NOD;p&>id'i)%;if +i {caplista'p; p%'p;con!nue; p%&>urm'p; p&>ant'p%; p%'p; return caplista; // func!e parcurgere && prelucreaa toate nodurileoid f$parcurgere$prel NOD *caplista{ NOD *p; prin- n;for p'caplista; p; p'p&>urm prin-  &0d&,p&>id; // func!e de parcurgere cu poi!onare pe ul!mul nod//intoarce adresa ul!mului nod din listaNOD* f$po$ul!m$nod NOD *caplista{ NOD *p; for p'caplista;p&>urm;p'p&>urm;   return p; // inserarea in lista dupa un nod dat s// func!a preia nodul din lista dupa care se face inserarea s// si nodul care se insereaa toid f$ins% NOD *s, NOD *t{ if +s&>urm //adaugare { s&>urm't; t&>ant's; return; t&>urm ' s&>urm; // % s&>urm&>ant ' t;// 1 s&>urm ' t;// 2 t&>ant's; // 3 // func!e de poi!onare pe un anumit nod, preia id, si intoarce adresa acestuiaNOD* f$po NOD *caplista, int id{ NOD *p; for p ' caplista; p&>id +' id; p ' p&>urm; if p&>id '' id return p; else return N455;  // inserarea in lista inainte de un nod dat s// func!a preia nodul care se insereaa t// si nodul inaintea caruia se face inserarea soid f$ins1 NOD *t, NOD *s{ t&>ant's&>ant; t&>urm's; s&>ant&>urm't; s&>ant't; // stergere nod, se transmite adresa nodului care a 6 stersoid f$sterge NOD *del{ del&>ant&>urm'del&>urm; if del&>urm del&>urm&>ant'del&>ant; free del;   int main { NOD *7,*y,*;7'f$creare$lista %(;f$parcurgere$prel 7;prin- n 4l!mul nod8;y'f$po$ul!m$nod 7; prin- y.id8 0d,y&>id; //inserare nod dupa    /* ' NOD*malloc sieof NOD; memset ,(,sieof NOD; &>id'%12; y'f$po 7,9;//determina adresa nodului cu id&ul 9 f$ins% y,; f$parcurgere$prel 7; */ //alta inserare inante ' NOD*malloc sieof NOD; memset ,(,sieof NOD; &>id'%13; y'f$po 7,:;//determina adresa nodului cu id&ul : f$ins1 ,y;f$parcurgere$prel 7;    //sterge nod 1    // y'f$po 7,1;f$sterge y; //sau f$sterge f$po 7,1; f$parcurgere$prel 7;return (; //arbori binari #include <stdio.h>#include <malloc.h>#include <string.h>typedef struct NOD{ int id; NOD *st, *dr, *ant;NOD;  NOD* construieste$arore {NOD *p%(=; for int i'(;i<%(;i)) {pi=' NOD*malloc sieof NOD; memset pi=,(,sieof NOD;pi=&>id'i)%; p(=&>st'p%=; p(=&>dr'p1=;p1=&>st'p2=; p1=&>dr'p3=; p2=&>st'p:=;p3=&>st'p=; p3=&>dr'p9=;p=&>st'p?=; p=&>dr'p@=;return p(=;oid parcurge NOD *p{ prin-  nod80d ,p&>id; if p&>st parcurge p&>st; if p&>dr parcurge p&>dr; //prin-  nod80d ,p&>id; return; oid oglinda$ert NOD*p{if p&>st AA p&>dr if p&>st&>id<p&>dr&>id { p&>st&>id'p&>st&>idBp&>dr&>id; p&>dr&>id'p&>st&>idBp&>dr&>id; p&>st&>id'p&>st&>idBp&>dr&>id; prin- rad80d st80d dr80d,p&>id,p&>st&>id, p&>dr&>id;  if p&>st oglinda$ert p&>st; if p&>droglinda$ert p&>dr;int main {NOD *rad'construieste$arore ;    //oglinda$ert rad; parcurge rad; prin- n&&&&&&&&&&//&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&n;oglinda$ert rad;
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