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  HLAM W, 30h no.1. Intro and Puritansslide 1Housekeeping- dyscyplina- egzamin- lista lektur z datami, kojarzenie autorów z tytuami dzie i datami, i ł ł  grupami lub prdami literackimi ą  handout 1lista lektur2Periodyzacja- handout- okresy:-- Colonial (1607-1776)----Puritan (1620-1776)----Other colonial (1607-1776)----Enlightenment (1700-1776)--Early National (1776-1836)--American Renaissance (1836-1865)--The Gilded Age (1865-1914)--Modernism (1914-1930)--The Red Decade (1930-1945)--Post-War (1945-1968)--Post-Modernism (1968-1989)--Ethnic, Feminist, Post-Colonial Turn (1989-2000)--Contemporary (2000-2013)- nazwiska wypenia na bieco ł ć żą  - genres dzieli kolorami ć - motywy i tematy dzieli stronami ć handout 2okresy1. o czasu ś 2. Colonial3. Earl N4. Am Ren5. Gild Ag6. Interwar7. Post-war andpomo8. 90s andrecent 3Puritans - chosen national identity- other bridgeheads 9. bridgeheads10. Leyendec11. Leyendec12. Bradf mnsc13. sermn prnt14. Plymuth15. Mflr Comp16. Leviathan17. Arabella18. Srmn mnt19. civitas dei20. New Israel 4Other Puritan authors (Genesis, Exodus, Apocalypse) 21. DofDoom22. Indep Day23. Bradstrt24. Baxtr witch 5Other colonial authors (optional)  HLAM W, 30h no.2. 18th centuryslide 1Bradstreet and TaylorBradstreet?1612-1672 (Northampton-Salem)1650: To My Dear and Loving Husband, Dialogue Between Old England and New, Before the Birth of One of Her Children, Meditations  Taylor(?1642-1729) (?-Westfield, MA)ca 1700 (1671) 1939: Preparatory Meditations, Upon a Spider Catching aFly, love poemshandout2Literature in America as the life of the mind3Edwards and Franklin (topology and Marquis de Concordet’s Sketsch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind  (1794)Edwards (1703-1758)read Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding  (1690) at 13Calvinism Freedom of the Will and Dissertation on Virtue, slightly modified for easier reading  (1733)Locke’s philosophy A Divine and Supernatural Light, Immediately Imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God  . (1734)Images and Shadows of Divine Things (ca 1720, 1948)Franklin (1706-1790)1723-fugitive from apprenticeship in Boston1723-proposes to Deborah Read1723-leaves for London1730-has an illegitimate son1733-Poor Richard’s Almanac, glass harmonica, population studies,Atlantic sea currents, electricity, geology, Declaration of Independence,Constitution, autobiography1790 Autobiography, use of table4Early biographical narratives and novelsMary Rowlandson, The Sovereigny and Goodness of God  (1684)William Hill Brown, The Power of Sympathy: Or, The Triumph of Nature  (1789)Susanna Rowson, Charlotte: A Tale of Truth  (1791)5Exam: 5 qq for everybody, the other 5 will be during lecture sometime,so everybody has it and passes  HLAM W, 30h no.3. Early National prose; 1776-(1820)-1836slide 1Literary nationalism; foreign derision and domestic claims- Sydney Smith (a British literary critic who asked in 1820: “In allthe quarters of the globe, who reads an American book?”)- James Wentworth Longfellow (one of the many Americans whowere worried about such comments, and generally about lack ofnational literature)2Cult of nature and American exceptionalism: Spartan, Roman andsentimental inspirations; Concordet, Rousseau, Filson3Early sentimental and satirical novel- William Hill Brown, The Power of Sympathy (1789)-  Susanna Rowson, Shirley Temple  (1791)- Hannah W. Foster, The Coquette  (1797)- Tabitha Tenney, Female Quixotism  (1801)- Hugh Henry Brackenridge, Modern Chivalry  (1792-1815)4American Gothic and Brown1801 Sally Wood, Julia and the Illuminated Baron  1811 Isaac Mitchell The Asylum: Or, Alonzo and Melissa  “a large, old fashioned castle-like building” fifty miles from NYCCharles Brockden Brown (1771-1810) - psycho-Gothic Wieland  (1789) - novelization of Philadelphia murders Edgar Huntley: or, Memoirs of a Sleepwalker  (1799) - frontierhandout onPhiladelphia murders5Washington Irving; short story, folklore (popular, democraticsource of culture)- various articles in Salmagudi  (1815-1820)- Sketches of Jeffrey Crayon, Gent  (1820)- Stories of a Traveller  (1824)subsequent artistic and political career:- A History of the Life and Voyages of ChristopherColumbus (1828)- Astoria (1836)- Adventures of Captain Bonneville (1837)  HLAM W, 30h no.4. Early National poetryslide 1Early patriotic poetry, anxiety of influence (Transatlantic DoubleCross);- how not to re-write English literature- themes: the American myth (the new Eden, the new Adam)- themes: nature, democracy, future of America- American, democratic verse? (no)handout2Connecticut wits 1780-1820 - imitations of Augustian poetryJohn Trumbull (1750-1831), M’Fingal  1775Timothy Dwight (1752-1817), Greenfield Hill  1794Joel Barlow (1754-1812) Vision of Columbus  (1787) Columbiad  (1807)“The Hasty Pudding” (1793)3William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)1817 “Thanatopsis”1834 “The Prairies”4The course of the empire5Hudson School of American painting
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