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  information technology in business
  IT in BusinessOrganisation….!!! In the western world IT spans virtually all that we do.Everything from mobile phone usage to data analysisinvolves an element of IT. Even if a conscious effortis made to keep away from technology, passiveinvolvement makes avoidance almost impossible.We accept technology in the home, in transport, inentertainment, so why is IT in business so frequentlypainful and expensive?Ownership of the Process The difference here stems from the fact that thefunctional IT to be found as feature enhancement incars, phones, kitchen appliances and entertainmentsystems comes pre-packaged and is rarely theprimary purchase motivator. Business IT, on theother hand, must serve the business and it is usuallyextensively configurable. This means that someonemust takeownership of the functionand here'swhere the issues start.Decide What to Computerise The first issue to face the potential purchaser of abusiness IT system is the question of functionalanalysis. What the system will do, how this will beachieved, what will it cost and what will it save allmust be addressed.  Because businessmen like to be seen as decisive,simple stock answers are often used in place of fullanalysis to justify the cost or 'sell' theimplementation to the business. This applies to thelargest of organisations as well as the SME; thespectacular failure of government department ITprojects is clear evidence of this. If you look at a broad spectrum of informationtechnology, then the impact on business is vast. affecting nearly every facet of human endeavor,and that effect is to speed up, to simplify the processof work, of innovation, of scientific exploration.Everything is speeding up, for instance I am writingthis, well, I am not actually writing it! I am speaking,and my computer is writing it down for me. Myproductivity, my ability to transfer my thoughts intotext has probably trebled or possibly quadrupled.that is one small example of the affect of software onproductivity. That was an example of the effect of a softwareprogram. By way of an example of hardware, Thereis now a chip that is effectively a laboratory on achip. You can feed in a small sample of chemical andthe chip will do thousands of tests on it, feeding backthe results electronically to a program on a computerautomatically recording and analyzing the results.Chemical analysis that took days or weeks in biglaboratory complexes with thousands of test tubesexperiments carried out by mechanical machines cannow be done quickly and cheaply. Look at the effect  that will have on the chemical and biologicalsciences. Those are just two examples of what I see, but theseare just two insignificant examples of what ishappening throughout industry. Because of the extracapacity that computers give people, many peopleare upto four times more efficient at their jobs thanthey were and this is having a marked effect ongross domestic product in many countries. The other factor affecting IT, and it is hidden frommost of us, and that is that the rate of change, in IT,is exponential. What does this mean? It means thatwe now have the capacity to do what we did in theprevious 100 years, within 20 years if we had to do itagain. But in 10 years time, we could do the same100 years in just 7 years. What it means is, everyslight, every minimal improvement in IT, speeds thewhole process up, and that is what is happening now,and it is hidden from most people.What is the singularity? Well this was a new idea tome, however the way I understand it, and I?m stillnot sure that I grasp it entirely, but within the nextcentury, by about 2045 according to Ray, computerswill vastly exceed human intelligence, they will beable to design a future generations of themselves,almost instantly. How does this affect us? Well withintwenty years, Ray predicts that the desktop machine,that you can buy for a thousand pounds would have
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