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  环保 There’s no trees, no grass in my community. It's very bare. So I have decided to give several hours each month to plant trees and grass in my community. After several years, there will be a lot of trees and grass in my community. It's very charming environment. You can imagine how comfortable it can be, just relax yourself on the grass, when sun is setting down and birds in the trees are singing. Second, Air pollution and noisy pollution are serious in my community. Planting trees and grass c
  环保 There’s no trees, no grass in my community. It's very bare. So I have decided to give several hours each month to plant trees andgrass in my community. After several years, there will be a lot of trees and grass in my community. It's very charmingenvironment. You can imagine how comfortable it can be, just relax yourself on the grass, when sun is setting down and birds inthe trees are singing. Second, Air pollution and noisy pollution are serious in my community. Planting trees and grass canreduce pollution. 健康运动: Doing exercise every day is helpful to students' health. I think health will go with us for a long life if we insist on exercisingeveryday. It is helpful for us to focus the energy on study and work. Second, doing exercise is the best way to relax. It helps usto reduce stress and release tension. 听音乐: Music is also the best way to help me escape stress and trouble. You know, stress is the biggest enemy of the health. Music can bring me lots of pleasure and turn my blue mood to a bright one. When I am listening music, I can forget all the difficulties of stress life. 合作与交流: To succeed in the world, we should cooperate with others. The ability and the knowledge of one person are limited. How tocooperate with others is important to our success. 增长知识和扩大视野: It may be helpful to increase our knowledge and widen our views. 减少压力: The games can also reduce the stress and pressure of the adults. Great pressure may cause lots of illness, for example, high blood pressure, physiological problem, and so on.Through the game, the adults can feel easy and happy. 发展能力: Playing games can be helpful to develop some skills, such as how to cooperate with partners, how to get along with others andso on. All of the skills are the key qualities needed in our daily lives. 难忘的事: Well, one very important event in my life is a camping trip to countryside. If I could go back there, I really appreciate it. 互相帮助: We can help each other. We I fall in trouble, I can get help from my companion in time. The most important is that mycompanion can provide me some useful advice to avoid some accidents. 重要人物: If I could create a new holiday to honor a person, I would honor Edison. He is one of the greatest inventors that I respect. He isvery brilliant. You know, he invented thousands of useful products, such as light bulb, phonograph, storage battery, telegraphsystem and so on. Without light bulb, we maybe live in a dark world at night. He has done great contribution to human.If I could meet a famous athlete, I would choose to meet Yao Ming. Firstly, he is an excellent angel for china. In a sense, he   brings the beautiful aspects of China into the world. Second, he is very nice and funny. in interviews you can see his goodcharacteristics. He is always good temper. He seldom was angry for little thing. Furthermore, recently, he subscribes amount of money for SARS research. He has set a perfect example for all young people, both in china and the rest of the world. 计算机: First, while traveling, It's necessary to communicate with my friends, my parents and my lover. You know, telephone bills aremore expensive than internet communication. Taking my notebook computer can save me a lot of telephone bills. Second, I cansave my pictures in my notebook computer after taking a picture. When I'm back home, I can share them with my family andfriends. Third, a year is a long time. I need to spend part time on work and study. Without my notebook computer, I don’t knowhow I kill my time. 旅游地方 I think, he should go Su Zhou Park. It has very beautiful environment. There are lots of trees, grass and fresh air. You canimagine how comfortable it can be, just relax yourself on the grass, when you are tired. Around the park, there are many famousrestaurants that offer the best food in the China. The most important, is that the people in city are very nice and friendly. Whenthe foreigner needs help, they would like to help him. Thus, I strongly recommend that foreign visitors should visit Su ZhouPark. 新事物 increase knowledge and widen my viewIf I don’t make some changes, I won't make a progress.Without trying new things and taking risks, we will never be successful. 人: 1 . Open mind2. good temper communicate easily3. manage thing very well4,obtain much information from them=>5,practice to communicate with many people => to improve my ability to get along well with all kinds of people, which isvital for my future life.6,obtain more help when I meet with difficulty. 人 :1>the good quality of a couple for marriage:The most important quality for marriage is understanding their responsibility for the marriage and family.Each member understands well their responsibility for the marriage, for the home, their life would be full of love andharmony.1,Each member should be loyal to the other and be far away from unethical behavior, such as behavior out-of-marriage.In this case, there would not be so many divorces each year.As we all know that many young adults risk breaking up their marriage to try out-of-marriage behavior, which resultsin a large amount of divorce.2,They should work hard for the maintainance of the family, to pay for food and clothes, to pay for education fee for   their children, and cooperate with each other to face difficulty.3,They also should know their necessary to spend time to teach their children basic skills, such as communicating withother people and working hard.=== The most imporant quality for marriage is that each member can communicate with each other frankly.In this way, they could understand each other well, and can get along harmoniously with each other, andtheir life would be full of pleasure and love, and would be far away from quarrel and physical abuse, far away fromout-of-marriage behavior.During the leisure time, they would go shopping or go swimming together, hand in hand, even when they are old.How romantic the marriage is!When in difficulty, they would try their best with each other to solve problems.==the most ... is responsible for their marriage.reasons are following.The first reason is that they have responsiblity to be far away from unethical behaviors and illegial behaviors, such asextramarital love and robbery. In this way, their marriage would be far away from divorce.Secondly, they should understand their responsibility to work hard to keep the maintenance of the family, to buy food and pay for education fee for their children.They also should try their best to get through difficulties with each member when their family face troubles, or evencatastropha. In this way, their love to each other would be more deep. 人的 good quality: 老师 : intellegent:know how to teach their students in their class, so that students could learn knowledge efficiently and effectively.They act as role model for students and Students could learn the excellent ways of thinking from their teacher. and it is veryimportant for students' future academic life.When students meet with troubles, they could quickly these problems.For example, my chemistry/physics teacher is very smart, and his class is very easy to follow because of his remarkableteaching method. I learn from him not only knowledge, he gives me some excellent advices on how to do experiment and doresearch. 子女品质 :  showing respect to their parents:1,work hard to earn enough money for food and other objects to bring up children, to pay for education fee for children2,they have spent lots of time to teach their children important skills for surviving, such as working hard and communicatingwith others. They teach their children how to say words, how to walk.3,they also help children out of trouble when they meet with difficulties.Without their parents, no one would survive in the society.The quality will never be outmoded. 同学 : intellegent:study with him, and learn new way of thinking that I do not know, => it will do good to my academic life.When I meet problems in my study, I could conveniently obtain some help from him. And there is no need for me to spend timeto go to teacher's office to consult teacher.For example, my roommate/friend/students/brother:usually study with him, and I learn a lot from him. Due to his help, my grade has been improved significantly.I really appreciate his help and like to be the roommate of him.--== 跟别人有关 : information out of class/about the background of the music/about the famous places. => broaden our horizon.learn ways of thinking: to open our minds.help: questions in our study/ meet with trouble->advices / => on how to prepare for TOEFL efficiently.more opportunities: employment opportunities, or others => provide me some information on part time job.ability:communicating with others, ability of expression.enjoy more pleasure: by talking with something interesting, such as plan for future or a trip to Hongkong, or some news onHongkong => relax myself throughly, forget everything unpleasant. 一个人还是几个人一块 : 几个人 : 1,enjoy more pleasure from talking with friends, we could talk something interesting so that our friendship isimproved.On the other hand, I will feel lonely and helpless if I travel ...alone.2,obtain more information from friends, such as knowledge about the place we are going to or about the backgroundabout the movie or concert or musician.3, obtain help if I meet with some trouble when I was enjoying the movie/travelling. 换地方 : make life full of excitement.enjoy new culture, new food, new climate, beautiful landscape or seascape,make more friends, more oppotunities.On the other hand, ...be tired of it.
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