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  China Daily — October 18, 2016
  TUESDAY, October18,2016    ¥2 Themeparkfight FormerDisneyHKexecutiveAndrewKamjoinsWanda  >p13 Amember oftheAsia NewsNetwork   :CN11-0091  :ISSN0253-9543  :1-3 ©2016ChinaDailyAllRightsReserved Vol.36—No. 11374    Iraqioffensive ForceslaunchmilitarypushtodriveISfromMosul >WORLD,PAGE11 Simianart Primatesprowlinginanurbanjungle >LIFE,PAGE18 InthenewsInside ãRelatedstory >p3 ãEditorial >p5 ByLIAZHU inYorbaLinda,California Stepping through an iconicmoon gate, visitors to thenewly renovated NixonLibrarycanrelivethehistorichandshake between RichardNixon and Premier ZhouEnlai during the president’s1972 visit to China. They alsocan explore the relationship between the United Statesand China of more than 40 yearsago.The China exhibit —named  The Week that Changed the World   — isamong the most importantexhibitsattheRichardNixonPresidential Library andMuseum, which reopened onFriday in Yorba Linda, Cali-fornia, after a $15 millionoverhaul.NixonwasthefirstUSpresi-denttovisitChina,whereChi-nese and US leadersannounced a desire for nor-malized relations after 25 yearsofseparation.On prominent display atthe library are the life-size, bronze-plated statues of Nix-on and Zhou extending theirhands to each other againstthe background of a nearly 5-meter-tall image of AirForce One, which toucheddown in Beijing on Feb 21,1972.Christopher Cox, Nixon’sgrandson, said the statues werehisfavorite.“That spirit of 1972 is some-thing so important for us tocarry forward as we considerrelationships between the USandChinainthe21stcentury,”hesaid.The exhibit also featurestext,images,andartifacts,anda special gift for the president— sets of ping-pong paddles with “A Generation of Peace”printedonthem.The reopening and nor-malization of China-US rela-tions changed the politicaland economic landscape inthe Asia-Pacific region and inthe world, heralding the endof the Cold War, said Chinese Ambassador to the US CuiTiankai, who addressed theattendees.ChinaandtheUSsharetheresponsibility to maintaininternational peace and pro-mote world prosperity, hesaid. “The choices we maketoday will have far-reachingimpact on the well-being of our peoples and the future of the world,” he said. HISTORY  NixonLibraryreopenstohighlightworld-changingencounter  SPACE Permanent station plans ride on mission Nation awaits astronauts’ arrival at the Tiangong II lab for a 30-day stay  ByZHAOLEI  AsaChinesespaceshiprock-ets through the void toward a rendezvous with a new Chi-nese space lab, experts say a monumental step in thenation’s long march in spaceexplorationisabouttooccur.On Monday morning, Chi-na’s Shenzhou XI mannedspacecraft was sent skywardatop a Long March 2F rocketthatthunderedawayfromtheJiuquanSatelliteLaunchCen-terinnorthwestChina.Shenzhou XI carries twomale astronauts — 49-year-oldJingHaipengand37-year-old Chen Dong. After a two-day journey, they are to dock  withandspend30dayslivingandworkinginTiangongII,a new Chinese space lab. It will be double the longest stay by Chineseastronautsinspace.Tiangong II was launchedin mid-September to replacetheTiangongIspacelab,afterthe latter was retired inMarchaccordingtoplan.But even more importantthan the length of stay, themissionisagiantsteptowardChina having a permanentspace station. Not only that,it’s a station that experts saidis likely to be the world’s only one after the InternationalSpace Station is retiredaround2024.The Shenzhou XI-TiangongII mission is a sign of China’sfull readiness for a space sta-tion, according to LieutenantGeneral Zhang Yulin, deputy head of the Central Military Commission’s EquipmentDevelopmentDepartmentandthemannedspaceprogram.Once the station is put intouse, China will launch “sever-al space missions” each yearto transport astronauts, engi-neers and even tourists to it,Zhangsaid. As Chinese across thenation raptly watched thenew step into the heavens, SEE“SHENZHOUXI”PAGE3 ByZHANGYUNBI Philippine President Rodri-goDuterte,whoarrivesinBei- jing on Tuesday for his firststate visit to China, said heagrees with Beijing’s call forpeaceful settlement of theSouthChinaSeaissue.Duterteexpectsa“softland-ing” in the dispute over theissue. He will visit China forfourdays.“I’ll be there to talk aboutit softly,” Duterte told China News Service in an interview released on Monday. “Wetake away war or violence, because that is not a goodoption.”Duterte, who took office inJuly, has been faced withrepairing chilly ties with Bei- jing after the Cabinet of former president AquinoBenignoIIIunilaterallyfileda case to an international tribu-nal on the South China Sea.China did not recognize thecaseanditdeclareditinvalid.Foreign Ministry spokes- woman Hua Chunying saidonMondaythat“thedoorfordialogue is always open”,adding that Beijing hadnoticed that Duterte repeat-edly expressed his willing-ness to talk.President Xi Jinping, Pre-mierLiKeqiangandtoplegis-lator Zhang Dejiang will meetindividually with Duterte.Hua said the talks “may covera wide spectrum” and a fruit-fulvisitisexpected.Before leaving Manila,Dutertehighlightedeconom-ic and trade cooperation. Henoted his country’s abun-dance in tourism, mineraland agricultural resources,and China’s huge, lucrativemarket. Xu Liping, an expert onSoutheast Asian studies atthe Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, noted thatDuterte has repeatedly dem-onstrated his goodwill by avoiding inflammatory com-mentsonarbitration.Beijinghaspledgedsupportfor Manila’s priorities, includ-ingitsanti-drugcampaign,Xuadded.“The visits will bring tangi- ble outcomes in two-way ties, which will benefit both coun-tries,betterstabilizetheSouthChinaSearegion,andimprovepeople’s economic circum-stancesandtrade,”Xusaid.Zhao Jianhua, Chineseambassador to the Philippi-nes, told Philippines media onFridaythatitishopedthatafter Duterte’s visit, invest-ment from China would risesignificantly in areas such asinfrastructure, railways,highways, seaports and air-ports.Zhao also envisioned anincreaseinChinesetouriststothe Philippines, bringing asmuchas$1billionannuallytothecountry.Duterte touched down inBrunei — the first leg of histrip—onSundayevening,andhe will leave China on Friday tovisitJapan. DIPLOMACY Duterteawaits‘softlanding’onfirststatevisittoBeijing  CONSERVATION HongKongmournselderlygentlegiant ByHUANGZHILING inChengduand  WILLAWU inHongKong Jia Jia, the longest-livinggiant panda in captivity, wasput to sleep on Sunday atOcean Park in Hong Kong, whereshewaswidelyknownfor her fondness for playing withalavenderscentedclothandhergentledisposition. As Suzanne Gendron,executivedirectorofzoolog-ical operations, conserva-tion and education at thepark, observed, “How couldsomeonenotloveher?”JiaJiaturned38inAugust,equal to 114 human years,and held two Guinness World Records — the oldestgiant panda in captivity andthe oldest living panda incaptivity. She was found as a cubin1980inthewildsoftheTangjiahe Nature Reserve inSichuanprovince.Inthepasttwoweeks,herconditiongreatlydeteriorat-ed.Shelostherappetiteandher weight fell from 71 to 67 kilograms. On Sunday, shecouldnolongerwalk. Veterinarians from HongKong’s Agriculture, Fisher-ies and ConservationDepartment decided tospare her further sufferingand she was put to sleep onSundayevening.Zhang Guiquan, deputy chiefoftheChinaConserva-tion and Research Centerfor the Giant Panda, said it was the right thing to do because her condition was beyondhope.Gendron said Jia Jia’scaregivers were deeply sad-dened but wanted her suf-feringtoend.Ocean Park is holdingmemorial events for Jia Jia insidetheparkandonline.A  video honoring her memory  wasuploadedtoOceanPark’ssocialmediapage.Amemori-alboardwillbesetupinfrontof the Panda House in theparkonSaturday.Before she was sent toHong Kong, Jia Jia lived for18yearsattheChinaConser- vation and Research Centerfor the Giant Panda in Sich-uan.Thereshegavebirthfivetimes,havingsixcubs,fourof  whicharestillliving.Three pandas remain atOcean Park. Ying Ying andLe Le, both age 11, are ingoodhealth.AnAn,30,isthe world’s second-oldest malegiantpandaincaptivity. ANTI-POVERTY Record fundwillexpandto100byuan ByCHENMENGWEI China established a record- breaking fund on Monday tosupport projects to lift mil-lionsofpeopleoutofpoverty.The investment fund has been set up with an initial 12.2 billion yuan ($1.81 billion) incapital from 51 state-ownedenterprises,includingtheStateDevelopment and InvestmentCorpandtheStateGrid.That sum will eventually growtoasmuchas100billion yuan,accordingtoastatementfromtheStateCouncil’sState-ownedAssetsSupervisionand AdministrationCommission.The fund was launched tocoincide with the nation’sthird Poverty Alleviation Day onMonday.Unlikemostpovertyallevia-tion funds managed by thegovernment,thenewfundwill be run by an investment com-panytomakesureitissustain-ableandprofitable,saidWangHuisheng, thechairman of SDIC, the gov-ernment holdingcompany thatowns the invest-mentcompany.Projects that can createmorejobsandbringmorepeo-ple out of poverty will befavored, with priority given topoor provinces, border areasandregionswithlargepopula-tionsofethnicgroups.Liu Yun, vice-president of SDICChuangyiIndustryFundManagement,whichwillover-see the fund, said the bottomlineisto“breakevenandseek ameagerprofit”.“Our biggest differencecompared with most otherfundmanagersisthatwedon’t just go for the biggest profits,”Liu said. “Our major concernis to balance political impactandeconomicreturn.Wehaveto make sure most of the pro- jects we invest in are profita- ble. But we'll also toleratesome losses when the poverty reliefeffectissignificant.”To keep pace with China’snational strategy to eradicate“extreme poverty” by 2020 —thatis,toensureeveryChineseearns more than 4,000 yuan a  year — the State-owned assetscommission has required thatthe initial 12 billion yuan isinvested by 2018, according toan internal report acquired by ChinaDaily. SEE“FUND”PAGE3 Inside Whitepaper >p7-9   Width of solar wings    Overall length   Maximum diameter     Resource moduleExperiment module WeightLab's design lifetimePlanned stay for two astronauts 8.6 Ready for the Tiangong II space lab metric tonswill contain solar panels, storage batteries, propellant and engineswill be hermetically sealed and will act as the astronauts’ living quarters 2 Years  30 Days WANG XIAOYING,XIA DIWEN,LI XINLEI / CHINA DAILY SPORTS Dreamcometrue Ousman Manneh, 19, scoresthe winning goal in WerderBremen’s 2-1 Bundesliga tri-umph over Bayer Leverkus-en, just two years after hefled Gambia as a refugee. >p23 Visitorstakeaphoto withpasteboardfiguresoftheNixonsatthepresidentiallibrary,whichreopenedonFriday. ZHANGCHAOQUN/XINHUA Scanit to seerelatedvideo. JiaJia  celebrates her 37thbirthday at Ocean Park lastyear.  ROY LIU / CHINA DAILY Above:  The Shenzhou XI manned spacecraft blasts off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Monday. Topright:  Astronauts Jing Haipeng (right) and Chen Dong salute inside the spacecraft at the moment of launching on Monday. FENGYONGBIN/CHINADAILYANDJUZHENHUA/XINHUA  Tuesday,October18,2016  CHINA DAILY PAGETWO 2 Such a tradition plays an impor- tant role. Most  people return the equalamount.” He Qingyue,  25, primaryschool teacher in Hubeiprovince “I think   hongbao can be replaced by other gifts.Many of my for-eign friends usually sendgifts for birth-days, weddingsand other occa-sions. It’s a goodoption.” Liu Qi,  34, employee of autility in Jiangxi province “I have givenmore than10,000 ($1,500) yuan in redenvelopes in the past year. If Idon’t get mar-ried, the money I gave will be lost, which real- ly hurts.” Zhuang Shuang,  31, com-puter programmer in Beijing “Since the redenvelope is a gift, we shouldnot expect to get it back.” Ma Wenjing,  38, accountantin Jilin province COMPILED BY CHINA DAILY Eventsandstoriescomingupinthenextfewdays I’vereadmanystoriesof elderlyRussianpensionersenjoyingtheirtwilightyearsinChinesebordertowns.They’vemademefeelenvy,eventhoughsomesoundtoogoodtobetrue.Onerecentaccountwasaboutacouple,both75,whohaveboughtanapartmentandsettleddowninHeihe,a  boomtownontheChina-Russianborder.ThewifetoldtheRussianmedia—a ChinesetranslationofthereporthasgoneviralinChi-na—thatthecouplehadlivedlikeyoungpeoplethere,travelingandeatinginres-taurantsallonherpensionofanequivalentofabout1,000yuan($150)amonth.Herhusband’spensionliesuntouchedinthebankasthenestegg.Butwithalladmiration,I wonderhowtheywillpayforhealthcarewhentheyaresick,andwhowilllookafterthemwhentheybecometoofrail.I’vebeengrapplingwiththeseissuesasItrytosortoutthebestwayformyailing,septuagenarianparentstospendtheirretirementyears.Until my father had a stroke two years ago thathad left him using a wheel-chair, he and my motherhad traveled throughoutChina as well as in a num- ber of Asian countries afterthey retired. They wouldalso stay with us for the winter in Beijing until thechilly, damp weatherretreated from their townon the Yangtze River.Myfatherhadbrainsur-geryinBeijing,butaftera  briefrecoverytheyhadtoleavebecausehospitalsdemandnon-residentspay outoftheirownpocket,if theydon’thavelocalhealth-carecoverage.Suchaconundrumishar-rowingmillionsofseniorcit-izenswhowishtostaywiththeirchildren.Whenthey aresick,manyarereluctanttogotohospitals,orthey’llhavetopayupfront,anda  bigchunkofthemoney mightneverbereimbursedintheirhometowns,duetoregionaldifferencesinhealthcarebenefitsthatdependonthelocalfinancialsituationandpolicies.I’vebeenthinkingaboutgettingmyfathertoamod-ern,privateretirementvil-lagethatchargeslowerrates becauseitsitsinneighboringHebeiprovince.Theproblemisthathe won’tenjoylocalhealthcare benefits.Theinstitution brimmingwithpensionersfromBeijingregularlydis-patchesnursestohospitalsinthecapitaltogettheirfreemedicines.Myparentshavehireda helperatthehospitalback homewhocharges100-200 yuanaday.Yetthebestarrangement,doctorshaveadvised,wouldbefindinga trustworthyhousingalterna-tivewithmedicalandnurs-ingcareforboth,preferably closetowherechildrenlive.Mymotherisdiagnosedwithsymptomsofdementiaandsherisksgoingmissingifherconditionprogresses. WhileInavigatethedark cornersintheelderlycaresystem,I’vetriedtodraw inspirationfromotherelder-lypeoplewhohaveadigni-fiedandmeaningfulexistencedespiteallodds.Theyincludethehappy RussianpensionerswhoappeartobemakingthemostoftheirGoldenYears. Contactthewriteratyuan PuttingaglowontheGoldenYears ThisDay,ThatYear ItemfromOct18,1989,in ChinaDaily:TheCivilAvia- tionAdministrationofChina hasput15newaircraftinto serviceinrecentmonthsto meetincreasingdemand. China’saviationmarkethaspickedupspeedinrecent years.Thenumberofinterna-tionalairroutesfromChina rosebymorethan30percentlastyear,accordingtothe WorldRouteDevelopmentForuminChengdu,capitalof Sichuanprovince,lastmonth. AirroutestoEuropeandNorthAmericaincreasedfromamere15in2009to235in2016,accordingtotheFlightAscendconsultancy.Bytheendoflastyear,20Chineseairlineswereoperat-ingflightsto138foreigndes-tinations,andforeigncarriersoperatedflightsfrom126citiesto57Chinesedestinations.Thenumberofoutboundpassengersalsogrewby morethan30percentlast year,reaching120million.Chinaalsohasbecomethemostdynamicmar-ketforinter-nationalairtravel,duetostrongdomes-ticandoverseastraveldemand,andarisingmiddleclass.Inthenexttwodecades,Chinaislikelytobecomethefirstcountrywithanaviationmarketworthmorethan$1trillion,accordingtoarecentforecastfromBoeingCo. RobotconferenceopensonFriday The2016WorldRobotConference willopeninBeijingonFriday.ExpertsandentrepreneursfromChina,Germany,Japan,KoreaandtheUnitedStateswillattendthefive-dayconference.Therewillalso beanexpo,featuringthelatestproductsandsolutionsintheroboticsindustry.Arobotcompetitionisalsoplanned. JiangsutohostTaiwanforum The11thTaiwanEntrepreneursForumwillopeninHuaian,Jiangsuprovince,tomorrow.DelegatesfrombothsidesoftheTaiwanStraits willattendthethree-dayforum,whichwillfocusonexpandingcoop-erationbetweenentrepreneurs. Thousandstoattendcomputercongress The2016ChinaNationalComputerCongresswillbeheldinTaiyuan,capitalofShanxiprovince,fromThursdaythroughSaturday.“Com-putingChangestheFuture”isthethemeofthisyear’sevent.Experts willdeliverspeechesoncloudcomputing,bigdataandartificialintel-ligenceattheconference.Morethan5,000delegatesareexpectedtoattend. TourismexpostartsonThursday TheChina-ASEANExpo,amajortourismshow,willbeheldinGuilin,theGuangxiZhuangautonomousregion,fromThursdaythroughSat-urday.Theexhibitionwillbedividedintofourparts:tourismimage,tourismproducts,touristconsumptionandtourismtechnology.Cam- bodiaistheguestofhonorthisyear.  Yuan Zhou SECONDTHOUGHTS Entertainment: Madonna lands on Chinese social media  “Hello weibo  .Yes,it’sreallyme.IfinallymadeittoChina!”Withthatsimplegreet-ing,popstarMadonnaopenedanofficialaccountonChina’smicro-bloggingsiteSinaWeiboonFriday.HerChinesefansquicklyinundatedherwithwarmwishes.The58-year-oldsingerfirstpostedamessageat11:59am,andithelpedhergar-nernearly30,000followerswithintwohours.Whilesomeenthusiasticfanswrotehowmuchtheylovetheir“Queenoftheuniverse,”otherswelcomedthelegendarystarwithphotoshoppedemotions—aninternetmemeinChina. Biz: Alibaba is the most admired Chinese company  Fortunemagazine(Chineseversion)hasreleasedthelistofChina’smostadmiredcompaniesof2016,withe-commercebehemothAlibabaGrouptakingthecrown.Thelisteval-uatesthecorporatereputationoflargecompaniesthatarebasedintheChinesemainlandthroughninecriteria,includingqualityofprod-ucts/services,long-terminvestmentvalue,andinnovation.  Video: The Long March — sacrifice that led to success It’shardtoimaginenowwhatitmusthavebeenliketobeaRedArmysoldierontheLongMarch.Twoyearsofeffort,struggleandsacrificeultimatelysucceededinallowingthearmiesoftheCommunistPartyofChinatomaketheirgrandplanofastrategicshiftareality.Butthevictorycameataterriblecost,withbarelymorethanaquarterofthosewhobeganthemarchmakingittotheend.Visitourwebsiteforavideoonhowyearsofstruggleandsacrificeledtosuccess.  Art: Nanjing artists display oil paintings in Beijing MindandSchema  isanexhibitioninBeijingthatshowsthelatestdevelopmentinoilpaintingmadebyartistsbasedinNanjing,Jiangsuprovince.Jiangsuwasexposedtotheinfluenceofvariouspaintingstylesbroughtbackbypio-neeringChinesepainterswhostudiedinEurope,suchasXuBeihong,LinFengmianandLiuHaisu.TheexhibitionattheNationalArtMuse-umofChinarunsuntilSunday. Buzzword: voluntourism People in many countries are now taking time off towork in orphanages, build schools and teach. It’scalled volunteer tourism, or “voluntourism,” and it’sone of the fastest growing trends in travel today. Morethan 1.6 million volunteer tourists are spending about$2 billion each year. Hottopic 20/3420/3624/3324/3425/3427/3526/3526/3526/3026/3025/3024/2926/3226/324/161/1216/2417/23-2/10-5/810/2111/2323/2623/2720/2420/2424/3225/3212/2312/2317/2618/2325/3025/3023/2624/2825/3126/32Beijing 10/21 S 11/23 HChangchun 2/16 S 5/15 CChangsha 19/26 C 20/25 ShChongqing 18/25 C 19/26 ODalian 12/20 S 14/21 SFuzhou 23/26 D 23/27 DGuangzhou 23/26 R 23/27 RGuilin 21/27 O 21/24 DGuiyang 14/21 C 14/17 OHaikou 23/26 24/29 StHangzhou 19/24 D 20/25 DHarbin 0/13 S -1/8 CHefei 17/23 O 19/25 CHohhot 4/18 S 7/19 SHongkong 23/26 R 24/28 RJinan 15/25 S 15/25 SKunming 15/22 C 13/23 CLanzhou 6/22 S 8/21 SLhasa 5/18 C 5/17 OLijiang 8/24 S 9/23 OMacao 23/26 St 23/27 RNanchang 20/26 O 21/26 ONanjing 18/22 O 18/23 ONanning 23/28 Sh 20/25 RQingdao 15/21 S 16/21 CSanya 24/27 24/29Shanghai 20/24 D 20/24 ShShenyang 1/20 S 9/21 SShenzhen 23/27 R 23/27 ShShijiazhuang 13/23 S 14/23 SSuzhou 18/25 S 16/23 DTaipei 25/30 D 25/30 DTaiyuan 6/23 S 7/23 STianjin 12/23 C 12/25 CUrumqi 4/16 S 1/12 DWuhan 16/24 C 18/26 CXi'an 12/24 C 14/24 CXiamen 24/28 O 25/29 OXining 0/18 C 2/19 CYantai 13/23 S 15/24 SYinchuan 7/21 S 7/23 SZhengzhou 14/24 C 13/25 CZhuhai 23/26 St 23/27 RAthens 15/18 C 14/20 CBerlin 6/13 D 8/13 DBrussels 9/15 D 8/14 DGeneva 9/15 D 7/14 DIstanbul 11/15 D 13/18 DLondon 8/15 D 7/13 OMadrid 11/18 D 10/18 DMoscow 0/6 O -1/5 OParis 7/16 D 6/15 DRome 14/22 O 13/22 DVienna 8/14 D 4/13 DAbuDhabi 25/37 S 24/35 SBangkok 25/34 D 27/35 OColombo 24/31 R 24/31 DDubai 26/35 S 24/34 SHanoi 22/31 D 24/26 DIslamabad 18/31 S 19/31 SJakarta 26/32 D 26/32 DKarachi 24/34 S 25/34 CKualaLumpur 26/30 D 26/30 DManila 25/31 D 26/32 DMumbai 23/34 C 24/34 CNewDelhi 20/34 S 20/36 SPyongyang 8/21 C 9/22 CRiyadh 16/32 S 15/30 SSeoul 12/23 C 12/23 CSingapore 25/30 R 24/29 DSydney 12/23 C 12/22 CTeheran 15/22 D 14/20 OTokyo 17/26 D 18/23 DWellington 12/18 O 14/17 DYangon 24/33 C 24/34 CBuenosAires 11/22 D 13/18 DCaracas 26/29 D 26/29 DChicago 20/24 C 9/22 CHouston 22/32 C 23/32 CLasVegas 14/25 C 15/24 CLosAngeles 15/22 C 15/23 CMexicocity 14/20 C 12/21 DNewYork 17/24 C 19/25 COttawa 10/16 D 7/22 DRioDeJaneiro 23/30 O 22/31 CSanFrancisco 13/16 C 12/17 CSaoPaulo 19/30 D 20/28 DVancouver 9/11 D 8/11 DWashington 17/25 C 18/25 CCairo 19/30 C 19/28 SCapeTown 12/23 C 13/26 CJohannesburg 4/23 O 5/23 DLagos 24/30 O 23/27 DNairobi 13/29 S 11/27 C TUE - WED  OCT18-19 TUESDAYWEDNESDAY Scanit! Candid camera: Power play  A worker checks power on a utility pole in Qamdo, Tibet autonomous region, last week. PANSONGGANG /FORCHINADAILY VisitforbreakingnewsandexclusivecontentGiving hongbao (redenvelopesstuffedwithmoney)atweddingshasbeenatraditioninChina.Nowmanypeoplearecomplainingthattheyare“shortchanged”whenthegiftisreturned.                          TOPNEWS CHINA DAILY  Tuesday,October18,2016 3 MEDICINE  Transplant surgeries could set record  ‘New page’ turned as China seesrapid increase in organ donations ByWANGXIAODONG wangxiaodong The total number of organtransplant surgeries per-formed in China is expectedto reach 15,000 this year, whichwouldbearecordhighand an increase of nearly 50percentoverlastyear. After the abolishment of procuring organs for trans-plant from executed prison-erssincethebeginningoflast year, the number of organsdonated after death hasincreased rapidly, senior offi-cialsandexpertssaid.Last year, about 10,000organ transplant surgeries were performed nationwide,Huang Jiefu, former ministerof health and director of theChina Organ Donation andTransplantation Committee,said at the 2016 China Inter-national Organ DonationConference in Beijing onMonday.The surgery totals includetransplants using organsfromlivingdonors.The number of people whodonatedorgansafterdeathinChinathisyearreached2,950 by the end of September, whichisanincreaseof50per-centcomparedwiththesameperiod last year, said WangHaibo, director of the China Organ Transplant ResponseSystem, which is responsiblefor organ distribution andsharinginChina.This could make China thesecond in the world, behindtheUnitedStates,inthenum- ber of organ donors by theendoftheyear,hesaid.Statistics offered by thesystem also showed the totalnumber of donated organsharvested after death last yearinChinaexceeded7,700,morethanthetotalnumbersfor 2013 and 2014 combined.“A new page has beenturned” with China’s estab-lishment of a transparentorgan donation and trans-plantsystem,Huangsaid.China stopped usingorgans from executed prison-ers on Jan 1 last year, when voluntary donations becametheonlylegalsourcefortrans-plants.“Much corruption existedin the allocation of organsprocured from executed pris-oners,”Huangsaid.“The Chinese governmenthas adopted a zero-toleranceattitude toward such behav-ior,”headded.Toimproveandbetterregu-late procurement and alloca-tion of organs, the OrganProcurement and AllocationCommittee of the ChineseHospital Association wasestablishedonSunday.The committee will “play a role of management andsupervision over the sectorand formulate related stan-dards”,Huangsaid.MartiManyalich,presidentoftheInternationalSocietyof Organ Donation and Pro-curement, said China hasmade great progress in pro-moting organ donations andtransplants in the past few  years.The ratio of organ donorsamongChinese,whichisnow morethan2permillionpopu-lation, could increase tenfoldin the next 10 years, whichmeans China could nearly meet the demand for organtransplants,headded.China can make quickerprogress in organ donationsand transplants by learningfrom some other countries,such as Spain, which has oneoftheworld’stoporgandona-tionratios,hesaid.Like many other countries,China faces a severe shortageoforgans,withabout300,000people waiting for organtransplant surgeries each year, according to Xinhua NewsAgency. DEVELOPMENT Living standard index provides a new tool to assist relief efforts ByZHANGZHIHAO Datafromunconventionalsources, such as figures onliving standards, provide a new way to evaluate poverty across China, according to a report on Monday by theUnited Nations Develop-mentProgramChina.The report’s releasemarked the InternationalDayforEradicationofPover-tyandChina’sthirdNationalPovertyDay.The Living StandardIndex, developed by UNDPusing data from Baidu,measured poverty by com- bining eight indicators toevaluateservicesprovidedin2,284countiesinChina.Theevaluation looked at accessto piped water, sanitary toi-lets, indoor kitchens, livingservices, financial servicesand roads, as well as mobileinternet coverage and night-timelightintensity.“The definition and meas-urement of poverty mustreflect its complex, multifa-ceted nature beyond only income- and consumption- based measures,” said Pat-rick Haverman, deputy country director of theUNDP.The new index comple-ments the poverty markersalready in use, providinginsights into the availability of these public services andallowing for more efficientand targeted poverty relief efforts,thereportsaid.It also said the selectedindicators cover importantmeasurementsofsocialwell- being and provide accessi- ble, dynamic and cost-efficientdataforanalysis.On a scale of 0 to 100, theindex ranks Zhejiang prov-incefirst,withascoreof75.1,and Jiangsu province sec-ond, with 73.7, followed by Beijing, with 71.8, andShanghai, 71.7. The country averagewas61.3. According to the report,although the most economi-cally developed provincesperformed best for livingstandards,thisdidnotmeantheyhaveequitabledevelop-ment across the differentaspects of evaluating livingstandards.Ningxia, which ranked11th, was the only autono-mous region to exceed thecountry average, whileChongqing was the only municipality to fall below the average, due to a subparmobile coverage rate andnighttimelightintensity. ANTI-GRAFT Ex-energy officialsentenced for bribery  ByZHANGYAN  WeiPengyuan,aformersen-ior energy official, was sen-tenced to death with a two- year reprieve on Monday foraccepting bribes of 211.7 mil-lion yuan ($31.4 million) andpossessing a huge amount of propertyfromanunidentifiedsource,accordingtoacourtinHebeiprovince. Wei,formerdeputydirectoroftheNationalEnergyAdmin-istration’s Coal Department, was stripped of his politicalrights for life, and all of hispersonalbelongingswerecon-fiscated, according to theBaodingIntermediatePeople’sCourtonMonday.Judicial officers found thathe had concealed illicit assetsofmorethan200millionyuanat his home. Sixteen cash-counting machines were sentfromaBeijingbanktotallyhisillegalfunds,andfourofthem broke down intheprocess. Wei will haveno chance forparole afterreceiving a sus-pended deathsentence, con-sidering theamount of moneyinvolvedand the nega-tive socialimpactofhisactions,thecourtsaid. According to Chineselaw,thedeathsentencewitha reprieve is typically commut-edtoalifesentenceifthecon- vict commits no furthercrimes during the two-yearperiod. According to the court, Weiabused his power to benefitothers and accepted huge bribes during coal projectreviews, bidding and exami-nationsbyexperts,andhealsohelped others sell equipmentillegally, between 2000 and2014.During those years, hemainly served as a senior offi-cialintheCoalDepartmentof the National DevelopmentandReformCommission,sen-ior official in the Coal and OilDepartment at the NDRC and vice-director of the NationalEnergy Administration’s CoalDepartment.The court gave him death with reprieve rather than anoutright death sentence because “Wei had confessedhis crimes and expressed hisregret during a court hearing,and the illicit assets wererecoveredinfull,”accordingtoastatementbythecourt.In May 2014, he was placedunder investigation for “seri-ous discipline violation” by the nation’s top anti-graft watchdog. Judicial officersdiscovered more than 200million yuan in cash at hishome, according to theSupremePeople’sProcurator-ate.The money involved is thelargestamountseizedfromanindividual official since thefounding of the People’sRepublicofChinain1949.He is the latest of severalhigh-ranking officials sen-tenced in recent days. On Fri-day, Jin Daoming, formersenior legislator in North Chi-na’sShanxiprovince,wascon- victed of taking bribes of 124millionyuanandsentencedtolife in prison by a court inJiangsuprovince.SinceNovember2012,whenthe new leadership was elect-ed, anti-corruption has become a top priority, andPresident Xi Jinping haslaunched a sweeping cam-paigntotargetbothhigh-andlow-rankingofficials.More than 140 senior cor-rupt officials have beeninvestigated for alleged cor-ruption. Fund  : Anti-poverty work guided by market rules InJune2014,theMinistry of Finance, SDIC and China Tobaccoestablishedapover-ty alleviation fund of 2.8 bil-lionyuan,thefirstofitskindinChina.Liu,whosecompa-ny also runs that fund, saidthe investment strategy will“be almost the same”, withthe aim to maximize the businessimpact.The first deals have beensigned with local govern-ments and companies inHebei, Henan, Jiangxi, Gui-zhou, Yunnan and Qinghaiprovinces, according to a Monday news release.Details have not been dis-closed.LiuYongfu,directoroftheStateCouncilLeadingGroupof Poverty Alleviation andDevelopment, warned thatthe fund should be carefully supervised to make sure themoney is channeled into therightplaces.“Noteveryinvestmentcanqualify as targeted poverty alleviation,” he said. “Target- FROMPAGE1  ed poverty alleviation is notgiving things and money away. That’s why we set upthe fund. It should not only gowiththepolicy,butalsogo bymarketrules.”This year, China has allo-cated more than 100 billion yuan of government-con-trolled funds, a recordamount, to help lift morepeople out of poverty,according to Su Guoxia, a spokeswoman for the lead-inggrouponpovertyallevia-tion.Funding from the central budgetwasincreasedto66.7  billion yuan, up by 43.4 per-cent on last year, while pro- vincial budgets exceeded a total of 40 billion yuan, anincreaseofmorethan50per-cent.On Monday, China’s StateCouncil Information OfficeissuedawhitepaperonChi-na’s progress in poverty reduction and humanrights.  ZhangZhihaocontributedtothisstory. The hard way  Martial arts students fill bowls with water, before doing situps and pouring the water into a second bucket above them, during theopening ceremony of the 11th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on Sunday. BAIZHOUFENG/FORCHINADAILY WeiPengyuan, former seniorenergy official ThetwoastronautsheadedfortheTiangongIIspacelabora-toryaboardtheShenzhouXIspacecraftwillenjoyawidevari-etyofChinesedelicaciesduringtheir33-daystayinspace.Theseincludemorethan100typesoffoodandbevera-ges,includingshreddedporkingarlicsauce,apopulardishinalmosteverySichuan-cuisinerestaurant,spicedbeefandicecream,saidCaoPing,anutri-tionresearcherattheAstro-nautCenterofChinainBeijing.“Wealsopreparedcongeesfortheastronautsiftheylackappetiteduringtheirfirstdaysinspace,”hesaid.“Theirrecipesweredesignedandarrangedinaccordancewithnutritionalrequirements.”TheastronautswilluseafoodheaterdevelopedbytheFourthAcademyofChinaAero-spaceScienceandIndustryCorp.Whentheyneedtosleepinthespacelab,theywilluseasleepingbagattachedtoawallsotheywon’tfloataroundafterdozingoff,saidWangYa’nan,editor-in-chiefofAerospaceKnowledgemagazine.Headdedthattheastro-nautsneedtoputtheirarmsintothesleepingbagstoavoidunwittinglyalteringequipmentwhileasleep.Toprovideacomfortablesleepingenvironment,mufflerswereinstalledinthespacelabtoensurethenoiselevelinsidethelabiskeptbelow50deci-bels.Thetemperaturewillbekeptbetween22and24C,andthehumiditybetween45and55percent.HuangWeifen,deputyresearchheadoftheAstronautCenterofChina,saidexerciseequipmentandspeciallydesignedsportsclothingalsoareavailablefortheastronauts’useinsideTiangongII. ZHAOLEI Shenzhou XI : Pair will test endurance President Xi Jinping sent a congratulationmessagefromtheIndianstateGoawherehe was attending a summit of the emerging-market coun-triesovertheweekend.Premier Li Keqiang andother high-ranking officials watchedthestartofthespacemission from the headquar-ters of China Manned Space AgencyinBeijing. As part of the current mis-sion, the Shenzhou XI-Tian-gong II combination will testrendezvous and dockingtechnologies, verify the life-support capability of thespacecraft-space lab combi-nation,conductresearchandtest engineering experi-ments,accordingtoWuPing,deputy director of the China MannedSpaceAgency.The journey’s most impor-tant task is to examine Chi-na’s technologies andequipment to support long-term stays in space and to FROMPAGE1 observethephysicalandpsy-chological effects on astro-nauts, explained Shi Yong, a senior designer of mannedspacecraftattheChinaAcad-emyofSpaceTechnology.He said Jing and Chen willuse a treadmill, exercise bikeandotherequipmentinTian-gong II to keep fit, and they  will also wear a special uni-formtoavoidmuscleatrophy.ZhangBonan,chiefdesign-er of Shenzhou XI at China  Academy of Space Technolo-gy, said the reason the space-craft is carrying twoastronauts instead of threelike its predecessor, theShenzhouX,isthatthespace-craftandspacelabhavealim-ited accommodationcapacity.Also,theastronauts’durationinspaceislonger.The Tiangong II’s life-sup-portsystemdoesnotuserecy-cling technologies, whichlimits the number of astro-nauts, he said, althoughfuture additions to the spacestationwillincludesuchtech-nologies.Experts said the Shenzhou XI-Tiangong II mission,together with the previousmissions,wouldpavetheway for the nation’s aspiration tohave a permanent mannedstation, which planners say  willconsistofthreeparts—a core module that will beattached to two labs, each weighing about 20 metrictons.China plans to launch thecore module of the space sta-tion in about 2018 and com-plete the construction of the wholestationaround2022. Students  from Weiyang Experimental Elementary School inYangzhou, Jiangsu province, wave flags on Monday to celebratethe successful launch of the Shenzhou XI spacecraft. MENG DELONG / FOR CHINA DAILY Rangeofdelicacieswillbeavailableduringspacemission  The ratio of organ donors among Chinesecould increase tenfold in the next 10 years,said Marti Manyalich, president of the Inter-national Society of Organ Donation and Pro-curement.  CHINA  CHINADAILY»CHINADAILY.COM.CN/NATION 4  Tuesday,October18,2016  The teachers did not use public money  to pay for their lunch. ... They should not be blamed for their behavior.” HuangDachuan,  anetizen  The police have ...notified the Austra- lian consulate gen-eral in Shanghai of  the detention.” HuaChunying, spokeswomanfor the ForeignMinistry Raptors set free A falcon is released into the wild at the Jiufeng National Forest Park in Beijing’s Haidian district on Sunday. Staff workers from IFAW BeijingRaptor Rescue Center released three birds of prey under national protection, which were kept in captivity before they were sent to the center. CHENGGONG/FORCHINADAILY BEIJING AlertsissuedforTyphoonSarika TheNationalMarineEnviron-mentalForecastingCenteronMondayissuedaredalert,thehighestemergencyresponseinthefour-tiernationalsystem,foroceanwavesandanorangealert,thesecond-highest,forstormsasTyphoonSarika approached.Sarika,the21sttyphoonthisyear,isexpectedtomakelandfallineasterncoastalareasofHainanprov-inceonTuesday,thecentersaid.Hundredsoffishermenandconstructionworkershave beenevacuatedtosafeshelters. GANSU Tailingsleakpollutes346-kmwaterway TailingsthatleakedintoTai-shiRiverinLongnaninNovemberlastyear—andhavebeentracedtoananti-monyprocessingcenter—havecontaminatedmorethan300kilometersofwaterway.Theincidentresultedin61millionyuan($9.1million)indirecteconomiclosses,accordingtotheMinistryof EnvironmentalProtection. Watersupplyformorethan108,000peopleinthreeprov-inceswasaffected,theminis-trysaid.Elevenofficials,includingthedeputymayorof Longnan,havebeenpunishedforviolatingthePartycodeof conduct. QINGHAI Magnitude-6.2quakejoltsprovince Nocasualtieshavebeenreportedsofarsinceamagni-tude-6.2earthquakehitQing-haiprovinceat3:14pmonMonday,accordingtotheChi-naEarthquakeNetworksCen-ter.Theepicenterofthequake wasinZadoicountyatadepthof9km.  XINHUA  Briefly  LAWENFORCEMENT  Australians nabbed  in gambling raid  Crackdown targeted those who try to lure ‘high rollers’ to overseas casinos ByMOJINGXI ChinaconfirmedonMon-day that some Australiannationals were detained inShanghai for suspectedgambling crimes, addingthat “the case is still underinvestigation”.“Thepolicehave,inaccord-ance with laws and bilateralagreements,notifiedtheAus-tralian consulate general inShanghai of the detention,”Foreign Ministry spokes- woman Hua Chunying told a newsconferenceinBeijing. Australian casino giantCrown Resorts said on Mon-day that China had detained18ofitsemployees,includingthreeAustralians.Hua, without confirmingthe number of Australiansdetained, said the Chineseside will guarantee the legalrights and interests of con-cerned parties, and consularofficials could visit and offernecessaryassistance.Fairfax Media reportedover the weekend that policetook the three Australians, who were visiting China on business, and local Chineseemployees based in severalChinese cities, including Bei- jingandShanghai,fromtheirhomes late on Thursday anddetainedthem.Casino gambling is illegalon the Chinese mainlandand Chinese law prohibitsagents from organizinggroups of more than 10 Chi-nese citizens to gambleabroad. The crime is pun-ishable by up to three years’imprisonment.The company’s executivegeneral manager in chargeof international VIP servi-ces, Jason O’Connor, is believed to be among thosedetained, the company saidinastatement.O’Connor heads up a pro-gram designed to lure “highrollers” to Crown Casino inMelbourne,accordingtotheSydneyMorningHerald.Las Vegas casino giantMGM shut its marketingoffice on the Chinese main-landyearsagoafterasimilar brushwithpolice.Crownhasbenefittedfroman upsurge in Chinese tour-ists at its Australian casinos.The company’s 2016 annualreport showed that morethan one-third of revenuegenerated by its Australianresorts in the past financial year was from international visitors,mainlyfromtheChi-nese mainland, The WallStreetJournalsaid.In February last year, theMinistry of Public Security startedtocrackdownongam- bling nationwide, includingon groups that organize tripsfor Chinese nationals to visitcasinosoverseas.Last year, police arrested13SouthKoreancasinoman-agers and 34 Chinese agentsforsellingpackageswithfreetours, free accommodationandsexualservices.  Agenciescontributedtothisstory. SOCIETY Teachers excused for lunchtime drinks ByZHANGYI Disciplinarychargesagainst24teacherswhodrankalcohol withamealhasbeendroppedfollowingpublicoutcry.The Commission for Disci-plinary Inspection in Tunliucounty, Shanxi province, onSept 30 ordered two principalteachers to publicly self-criti-cizethemselvesforconsumingalcoholwithamealonaweek-day. It ordered the other 22teachers to appear before thecommission.However, the Commissionfor Disciplinary Inspection inthe province’s Changzhi city, a higher-level anti-graft author-ity,announcedonSundaythatdisciplinary measures takenagainst the teachers wereimproper.“The decision did not haveappropriate grounds and themeasures were improper,” itsaid.Teachers from the county’sNo 1 Middle School spent a totalof1,390yuan($207)ona meal that included alcohol onSept 9, a day before Teachers’Day. The teachers paid for themealoutoftheirownpockets.The decision, as well as therevocation, has received widepublic attention amid thecountry’s continuing anti-graftcampaign.In contrast to the popularsupportusuallyofferedbynet-izens over disciplinary deci-sions against corrupt officials,most comments online saidthat the local anti-graftauthority had misinterpretedthe “eight-point rules”, or aus-terity rules, introduced by thecentral government on Dec 4,2012, adding that the actiontakenwasunfair.“The teachers did not usepublic money to pay for theirlunch. In addition, they had a half day off on that day aheadof Teachers’ Day. They shouldnotbeblamedfortheirbehav-ior,” said a post published by HuangDachuanonOct10.Theeight-pointrulesaimtoreduce bureaucracy, extrava-gance and undesirable work practices of Party members. With clauses focusing on vari-ous forms of corruption andunauthorized use of govern-ment cars, the rules haveplayedasignificantroleinthecountry’s anti-corruptioncampaign. CRIME 15 held by police for info theft ByHUANGZHILING inChengdu PoliceinMianyang,Sichuanprovince,havearrested15peo-ple suspected of stealing per-sonalinformation.The suspects, who include bank employees, are said tohavebeeninvolvedinthetheftof nearly 2.6 million people’spersonal information, making2.3 million yuan ($341,400)fromsellingsuchinformation.InMay,awomansurnamed Yang wanted to take out a  bank loan to buy an apart-ment.Shecheckedherperson-al credit registry at the bank’screditreferencecenter.Soon afterward, shereceived several phone callseach week from people sayingthey were calling on behalf of firmsthatprovidepettyloans.Suspecting her personalinformation had been stolen,she reported the case to localpolice.Later that month, policefound a local resident, sur-named Deng, had illegally obtained personal creditreportsonline. An investigation into Dengshowed that he collaborated withothersinillegallyobtain-ing personal credit reports as well as bank account and bal-ance details before selling theinformationtoothers. A further investigationshowed the leakage of suchpersonalinformationinvolvedaman,surnamedXia,inShao- yang,Hunanprovince. Xia, head of a bank in thecity,wasabletoaccesspeople’spersonalcreditreportsaswellas details of their bank accountsandbalances.Three employees of a  branch of China Citic Bank inLiaoningprovincepaidtoille-gally obtain such information before selling the reports and banking details to firms offer-ing petty loans, illegalresearch companies andfraudsters,policesaid. 2.3 millionyuan Amountofmoneythat15suspectsmadeforsellingnearly2.6millionpeople’spersonalinformation
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