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  B. Sathyabama et al ,   International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, Vol.8 Issue.10, October- 2019, pg. 43-49   © 2019, IJCSMC All Rights Reserved  43 Available Online at  International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing A Monthly Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology ISSN 2320  – 088X IMPACT FACTOR: 6.199  IJCSMC, Vol. 8, Issue. 10, October 2019, pg.43  –   49 APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR DISBURSEMENT CALCULATION 1 Mrs. B. Sathyabama; 2 Mr. R. Karthikeyan; 3 Mr. K. Kesau; 4 Mr. C.Sureshkumar 1 Assistant Professor, 2,3,4 Final MCA Students 1,2,3,4 PG and Research Department of Computer Applications 1,2,3,4 Hindusthan College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, India  Abstract: Maintaining all the expenses in a paper is highly difficult in this busy world. Keep remembering our each and every expense also impossible. To overcome this problem, an application called “My  Disbursement" can be used by the users. This project helps to manage their daily accounts using Android  Application. By this project, so many activities are connected in one single application. Authentication  process is done through user name and password for getting separate ID. User can use this ID to access their  own database. This project will be laid-back to maintain our monthly and daily expenses.  Keywords - Expense, Android App, Disbursements I.   INTRODUCTION This is very useful to working peoples to keep their accounts in one single mobile Application. This Application makes our finance workflow more efficient. The user can view their expenses at any time. At last, the user may reduce the unwanted expenses in their upcoming months. By this feature, we can maintain our expenditure on the spot itself. II.   SYSTEM ANALYSIS A. Existing System An adapter is an object that provides views for a list view. Whenever list view needs to draw a view at a particular list position, it gets from the adapter. The adapter makes the view for that position and returns it. Since the adapter creates the views, it is necessary for it to also store the underlying data. So, the adapters are all about this. They pack data and the logic for creating views  out of the data. The data can be a cursor or a list of objects. To support these different types, we have Cursor Adapter and Array Adapter in the SDK. B. Proposed System Proposed system aims at developing an Android based mobile application that monitors the expenditures made and works performed by the various sites of the Construction Company. The expenditures and construction work made on various sites are recorded and it can be viewed at any point of time. Using the Android based mobile application the day to day activities of the remote construction site can easily be updated to the remote database server. Initially the site supervisor using his login credentials, has to login in the mobile application loaded in his device. After which he has to upload the day to day activities along with the photographs of the works performed.  B. Sathyabama et al ,   International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, Vol.8 Issue.10, October- 2019, pg. 43-49   © 2019, IJCSMC All Rights Reserved  44 III.   PROJECT DESCRIPTION Project description provides the following details to the applicants: the problem the project will address a set of goals for the project, the overall objective for the project, the project description includes the expenses of the applicant, the length of the project, and any benefits you will receive while serving on the project. A. Problem Definition The efficient approach to store an expense of the applicant is store the expenses immediately. The requirement involves proper date, time, amount of expense and the purpose of expense. When the applicant enters the data in application, they will find out their overall expenses. It will help the applicant to reduce their unwanted expenses and save their money. B. Overview of the project The main aim of the application is to reduce the overall expenses of the applicant and to save their money. This application is the user friendly, so everyone can easily use this application. It will helps to know their budget periodically. This application supports all android versions. C. Data Flow Diagram The data flow diagram shows that the client provides the expenses to get their overall expenses. When the expenses data entered with proper date, time and the reason for expenses then it will result in overall expenses and also the applicant can know the difference from the last month expenses to the current month expenses. Fig 1: Data Flow Diagram  B. Sathyabama et al ,   International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, Vol.8 Issue.10, October- 2019, pg. 43-49   © 2019, IJCSMC All Rights Reserved  45 D. APPLICATION: The application contains 6MB of storage in all android version. There are six pages in application.    Login page    Registration page    Forget password page    Selection page    Add expenses page Display expenses page 1) LOGIN PAGE: There are two edit text and three buttons. One edit text is for entering username and another is for entering password. If applicant is an existing user, they can use sign in option or else if the applicant a new user, they need to register the required details. If the applicant forgets their password, they can use forget password option. 2) REGISTRATION PAGE: Registration page is used only for new users not for existing users. There are five edit text and one button.  Edit text:    User name    Password    Confirm password    Number    Mail  Button:    Register button Username It contains only alphabets no numeric and special characters allowed. Password Password contains minimum eight characters to maximum sixteen characters. It should involve minimum one uppercase, one lowercase one special character and one numeric. Confirm password User should again enter the same password as if in previous field to conform password. Mismatch password will not be accepted. Number Number should contain minimum seven to thirteen digits. Mail Mail ID should be unique already entered mail ID will not support Example: Note: Each and every single field in mandatory. Register Button After entering all data of the applicant. User can click register button to register in the expense’s  application.  B. Sathyabama et al ,   International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, Vol.8 Issue.10, October- 2019, pg. 43-49   © 2019, IJCSMC All Rights Reserved  46 3) FORGET PASSWORD: If the applicant forgot their password, they can easily change their password by clicking the forget password option, they need to give their user name properly and then can enter their new password and conform password to login their page. This changing of password never affects their data’s  which was saved already. 4) SELECTION PAGE: It contains of two options and they are:    Save expenses    Show expenses In this page they can save their new data and also view their old data. 5) SAVE EXPENSES: In this page applicant need to choose date, purpose and their cost their expenses. They are three edit text, text view and one button  Edit Text:    Date    Purpose    Cost Cost:  Numeric character only acceptable.  Date:  It should enter in (YYYY/MM/DD).  Purpose:  Text type can be alphabet and numeric are acceptable. Text view:  It displays a user name.  Button:  Save button used to save above mentioned details. 6) SHOW EXPENSES: It shows the total expenses which we have entered. It contains one text view,one spinner and list view Text view:  displays the user name Spinner:  It shows the date which user entered  List view:  shows the cost and purpose of expense for the particular date.  B. Sathyabama et al ,   International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing, Vol.8 Issue.10, October- 2019, pg. 43-49   © 2019, IJCSMC All Rights Reserved  47 IV.   SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Fig 2: A Page for Registration Fig 3: A Page for Login
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