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  EXAMINE VARIABLES=Prestasi BY Metode_Pembelajaran /PLO BOXPLO SEMLEA! NPPLO SPREA LEVEL#$% /&OMPARE 'RO(PS /SAISI&S ES&RIPIVES /&INERVAL )* /MISSIN' LIS+ISE /NOOAL, Explore Notes Output Created02-MAY-2018 10:32:05CommentsInputActive DatasetDataSet1i!ter none#$ei%&t none#Sp!it i!e none#' o( )o*s in $or+in% Data i!e,3Missin% a!ue .and!in%De(inition o( Missin%/ser-de(ined missin% va!ues (or dependent varia!es are treated as missin%Cases /sedStatistics are ased on cases *it& no missin% va!ues (or an dependent varia!e or (actor usedSnta4AMI'4 A)IA674S9restasi 6Y Metode9eme!a;aran <97O= 6O97O= S=4M74A '997O= S9)4AD7447>1? <COM9A)4 @)O/9S <S=A=IS=ICS D4SC)I9=I4S <CI'=4)A7 5 <MISSI'@ 7IS=$IS4 <'O=O=A7)esources9rocessor =ime00:00:02B,4!apsed =ime00:00:00B  Metode Pembelajaran Case Processing Summary Metode 9eme!a;aranCasesa!idMissin%=ota!'9ercent'9ercent'9restasi e!a;arModu! EimiaB8F222B2F6imin%an 6e!a;ar100B0F00B0F7es =ama&an888BF111B1F Case Processing Summary Metode 9eme!a;aranCases=ota!9ercent9restasi e!a;arModu! Eimia100B0F6imin%an 6e!a;ar100B0F7es =ama&an100B0F Descriptives Metode 9eme!a;aranStatisticStd 4rror 9restasi e!a;arModu! EimiaMean0B511B,135F Con(idence Interva! (or Mean7o*er 6ound,,B50/pper 6oundB,,5F =rimmed Mean0B5Median,B0000ariance1B,1Std DeviationB23Minimum,5B00Maimum,B00)an%e11B00InterGuarti!e )an%eB00S+e*nessB02BEurtosis-2B0011B586imin%an 6e!a;arMean8B,,,1B,25F Con(idence Interva! (or Mean7o*er 6oundB20,/pper 6ound82B12  5F =rimmed Mean8B51MedianB0000ariance23B50Std DeviationB830Minimum3B00Maimum8,B00)an%e13B00InterGuarti!e )an%eB50S+e*nessB518B1Eurtosis-1B381B007es =ama&anMean8B00002B1125F Con(idence Interva! (or Mean7o*er 6ound8B8,58/pper 6ound8B1325F =rimmed Mean8B28Median85B0000ariance3B1Std Deviation,B1120Minimum1B00Maimum2B00)an%e21B00InterGuarti!e )an%e5B5S+e*ness-1B3B52Eurtosis3B051B81 Tests of Normality Metode 9eme!a;aranEo!mo%orov-Smirnov a S&apiro-$i!+Statisticd(Si%Statisticd( 9restasi e!a;arModu! EimiaB210B200 H B86imin%an 6e!a;arB18B200 H B027es =ama&anB2508B150B8838 Tests of Normality Metode 9eme!a;aranS&apiro-$i!+ a Si%9restasi e!a;arModu! EimiaB3256imin%an 6e!a;arB2,37es =ama&anB202  H =&is is a !o*er ound o( t&e true si%ni(icancea 7i!!ie(ors Si%ni(icance Correction Test of Homogeneity of ariance 7evene Statisticd(1d(2Si%9restasi e!a;ar6ased on MeanB01221B836ased on MedianB015221B856ased on Median and *it& ad;usted d( B01521,B55B856ased on trimmed meanB015221B85 Prestasi belajar Stem!and! eaf Plots Prestasi belajar Stem-and-Lea. Plot .orMetode_Pembelajaran= Modl 0imia !re1en23 Stem 4 Lea. 566 7 , 8566 7 , *7)) $566 9 , 8 :566 9 , *7 Stem ;idt< $6566 Ea2< lea. $ 2ase#s%Prestasi belajar Stem-and-Lea. Plot .orMetode_Pembelajaran= Bimbin>an Belajar !re1en23 Stem 4 Lea. :566 9 , ?8 8566 9 , *79) $566 @ , ?
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