The true meaning of “Many are called, few are chosen” | Saint Peter | Gospel Of John

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  Christian misinterpretation of the Lord's statement Many are called, few are chosen
   The true meaning of “Many are called, few arechosen” The gospel words Many are called, but only few are chosen arealso shown in their most real meaning.New Revelation says, among other things: This passage in the gospelsis - like scarcely any other - completely and utterly misunderstood by almostall confessions of the Christian faith, for almost all of them hold the view, andthe Roman ones even on account of the faith as promulgated from allpulpits, that only the few who are chosenwill enter into heaven, while all others, the many who are called, willunfailingly be cast into hell, for eternity, immediately after the last judgement - the latter also completely misunderstood. (Gr XI p. 284)Exegesis is in form of a parable that reveals the meaning: It is saidthat only this one (at the wedding feast) was thrown into prison, and none of those invited. These are merely reprimanded for their stupidity, not their evilways ... Therefore do not only consider the chosen acceptable and worthy,but also those who are called to My Kingdom. (Gr XI p. 286) In the following chapter, the Lord repeated the truemeaning of “many are called, but few are chosen.”It simply means: “Many are called learn, but few arechosen to teach.” It is not about salvation or who will be finallysaved. Both the called and choses will be saved.  The New Revelations of Jesus Christ,Book 25, Chapter 82 T HE L ORD AND E PHRAIM AFTER the disciples had declared that they agreed withPeter’s explanation while still adding a few personalopinions, John began to speak and explained to hisbrothers that especially My loving care is always attentive to reachthe goal with the greatest of certainty for the individual, and that itis also mainly that end goal which determines the way that theindividual should go towards his development to become a humanbeing. But since for very wise reasons every person has a differentpersonality, also the soul of every human being is guided  differently up to his complete development. That is why a general,but not a specific universal fixed law can be noticed as to whichway a developing soul should take, because only God knows theend goal, and no one else can know for sure – not even the veryindividual himself – what kind of position in the service of God hecan and will reach.[2] Therefore, dear brothers”,as  John continued his speech ,“youshould strive for the right kind of love and humility, more than forall the knowledge, so that the Lord will be able to lead youunhindered. You should not want anything else but only His love,then you will reach the greatest knowledge, and that is: to take upresidence in God’s heart, where you can then observe everything,not by yourself, but by God’s love by which the scales will fallfrom your eyes.”[3]While the disciples were still discussing this and thatconcerning this subject that was brought up, there was a noise inthe big hall, coming from the window opening as if someone triedto hold on to it and was in danger of falling down. The disciplesran quickly to it and saw there a man hanging on a baluster andwho obviously listened to what was discussed but by which he losthis balance and was now at risk of falling down. He was pulled upand kindly asked if he did not hurt himself and how he actuallycame to that rather high window opening.[4] The man who first reacted a bit stubborn, like a criminal whowas caught, became soon more friendly because he did not see anydispleased faces that were pointed at him, and he said:“Dearfriends, I realize now that I was very wrong about you and Isincerely ask you to forgive me for all the things that I did to youwith my words, although you do not know that. But allow me to letyou know more precisely what brought me here and why I almosthad a fatal accident.[5] Look, I am an inhabitant of the city of Ephraim and I observedyou already for a long time since you were here and Ialways wondered what you were actually doing within these walls,and also who you actually are. Some of my family members andfriends said that you are Essenes who commit sorcery hereand plan a new conspiracy against the Romans in Jerusalem forwhich this is an ideal place. Others thought that you must probablybe sorcerers who can do a lot of things – for example also theunusual fast restoration of this castle – but no conspirators becausethis does not go together with your friendly, open character.  [6] I laughed about the thought that you might be sorcerers becauseI do not believe these things at all, for I know that everything onEarth happens in a natural way and I decided to search for myself to know who and what you really are. So I often went on my wayat night to walk around this house and see how I could satisfy mycuriosity. But I was always kept away by a strange fearfulness toenter with you.[7] But today my desire was so strong that I wanted to penetrateyour secret at all cost, and so I prepared to intrude. There is a treebefore the window where you caught me, and the branches arevery wide. I took along a few strong sticks with me and laid themfrom the branches on the window frame and so I easily could comehere by means of that bridge and listen to your conversation. Sinceyou discussed with each other with such great attentiveness youdid not discover me sooner, and I was so much captured by whatyou said that I completely forgot that I was an intruder and wouldhave preferred to jump inside to be with you. Since I completelyforgot myself I did not pay attention anymore to my light bridge,and all of a sudden I bumped against the sticks which then felldown. In my attempt to prevent that, I almost fell down myself if you would not have come quickly to help me.[8] Now I ask you, dear friends, to forgive me, for you will surelybelieve me when I say that I am not a thief or criminal intruder.Anyway, it would be difficult to deceive you – this is what I heardfrom your wisdom.”[9] Peter said:“Dear friend, what is there to forgive since we allknow very well that it was less your curiosity but more your innerspirit that drove you to us. So it will be far from us to think thatyou had something criminal in mind. But come now, come and sitwith us, strengthen yourself and let us talk with each other as itbefits sincere and true men. If you want to know something fromus then ask. We certainly will like to answer you.”[10] The Ephraimite who had lost now his fear completely, went tosit by the disciples, strengthened himself and then he soon askedwithout shame all kinds of things: where we came from, what wewanted here and why we actually chose to stay within these walls,and also a lot of other personal things about the disciples whoanswered him also very openly.[11]When he now knew that My followers were disciples of theNazarene who was well-known to him, he immediately asked forMe and absolutely wanted to meet Me. Peter rebuked him for his  fiery nature and said that he should have patience, for none of themknew if their Master would allow this.[12]On this, the Ephraimite said boldly:“Friends, I always wentimmediately to the source and never searched for a long time at thebranches of a river when it was important to penetrate to the coreof something. I suspected that there certainly had to be somethingspecial about you all, and it was also my wish for already a longtime to come to know the Savior and to hear from Him personallythe words which I only could obtain by means of detours. Is it thennot very understandable that with all my might I am trying to meetHim as soon as possible, especially now that my heart longs sofervently for Him? Can you order your child to stay far away fromyou when he wants to hug you? I know very well from theScripture, and from many other things that have happened now,who Jesus of Nazareth actually is. And it actually was also myinner feeling to come to know something about Him here thatdrove me to this place, and therefore it is true what you said that itwas the spirit that drove me and not my curiosity.[13] But if it is really so that the King of Zion resides here, aboutwhom David and all the prophets prophesized, then He also willnot be opposed that a simple man, who brings only a heart full of the highest love and nothing else but that love, will knock on Hisdoor asking Him to come in. I believe that I so well know thehighest Spirit, who has now taken up residence in a body, that Heknows exactly what happens here and that He expects Me toreceive my offering of love.”[14] Peter , being very surprised, said:“Just listen, friend, you arespeaking here a language that is at least very unusual to our ears,for we never met someone who, without knowing the Lord, spokeabout Him in this way. How do you actually know so well whoHe is?” [15] The Ephraimite said:“Well, should this not be immediatelyclear to everyone if he has eyes to see and ears to hear? Both of these bodily organs are still in very good condition with me, and soalso my reason and certainly also my heart that knows how tospeak a much clearer language than the reason. So I opened up allmy sense organs and came to know that which others could notdiscover by the most obvious proofs.[16] Must one always have to see to believe? Must one alwayshave to visit other countries to believe that they exist? Certainlynot. Well now, friend, this is how it is with me, you see? What I
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