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  AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS Dr. FLÁVIO GONÇALVES English Test 6th Year Name __________________________________ Nr:________ Form:________ Date _____________________Teacher: _________ Guardian .: _______________ Mark:_____________________________ A. Read the text. Reporter: My name’s Ronaldo Baía. I’m a reporter from the newspaper “Noticias de Manaus”. I know you are members of SWL – Save Wildlife. Why did you join this organization? Eddie: We like reading about the future of our Planet. There are a
  AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS Dr. FLÁVIO GONÇALVES English Test 6th Year Name __________________________________ Nr:________ Form:________Date _____________________Teacher: _________ Guardian .: _______________Mark:_____________________________ A. Read the text.   Reporter : My name’s Ronaldo Baía. I’m a reporter from thenewspaper “Noticias de Manaus”. I know you aremembers of SWL – Save Wildlife. Why did you jointhis organization? Eddie: We like reading about the future of our Planet. Thereare animals in danger, rainforests are disappearing wedecided to help. Reporter : So, what did you decide to do? Louise : We organized debates in our school to talk about these problems and we started the paper, glass, plastic and can banks. Kate : We also helped our City Halls to plant trees and flowers in the streets and in public gardens. Martin : At the organization we started a monthly green magazine and we planned our trip to SouthAfrica. Reporter : South Africa? Did you visit a nature reserve? Martin : Yes, we did. We were at the Mabula Reserve. We helped relocate a family of five elephants. Reporter : Why did you decide to come to the Amazon? Martin : We watched a TV programme about the Amazon. We were very excited and asked Mr. Parker tocome and help the local people to protect the rainforests. Reporter : Congratulations on your work. I hope you enjoy your stay here. B. True (T) or false (F)? 1.The reporter’s name is Ronaldo Baía. ______ 2.Louise, Kate and Martin don’t like reading about their planet. _____ 3.They planted trees and flowers in the streets. _____ 4.They didn’t plan a trip to South Africa. _____ 5.They visited Mabula Reserve. _____ 6.They relocated fifty elephants. _____ 7.They want to protect rainforests. _____   C. Give short answers about the text. 1. Who is Ronaldo Baía? ______________________________________________________________________ 2. Why did the children join SWL? ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Did they organize debates in their schools? ______________________________________________________________________ 4. Did they plant trees and flowers in their schools? ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Did they visit a nature reserve in Africa? ______________________________________________________________________ 6. Where are they? ______________________________________________________________________  D. Complete the table about health.EnglishPortuguese coughtemperatureheadachecoldStomach ache E. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous .John Smith is my father’s friend. He _____________(work) in the City Hall. He usually ______________(get up) at 8 and ______________(go) to work by car.Today is a different day for him.It’s 7.30 am and he _________________(go) to work by train because he _____________(have) a problem with his car.He always ______________(work) from 8.30 am to 5 pm and ____________(have ) a break for lunch at 1 o’clock. But today he _______________(have) lunch at 2 o’clock because he _________(Have) extra work. It’s 14.30 pm and he _______________(go) to the doctor’s. His wife _____________(take) the bus because she’s going to meethim there and she doesn’t have her car too. E. Complete the dialogues with the verb To Be ( positive and negative)   John: Where ________________ you yesterday evening?  Jane: I ___________________ at the cinema.  John: _________________ you alone?  Jane: No, I _____________. Cindy _______________with me.  John: _______________the film good?  Jane:  Yes, it________________.  John: Who _____________the actors?  Jane:  Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. F. Put the sentences in the negative and in the interrogative. 1.I planned a trip to London . _______________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________?2.Susan posed for a photo. ________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________?3.They stopped in front of my house. ________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________? G. Complete with the verbs in the simple past. 1. Mr. Rossi and I …………… (walk) to the park! It.................(be) a lovely day!2. Then, I …………. (visit) Hilda. We …………… (talk) about Mr. Rossi.3. It ………… (rain) all day.4. We …………… (not travel) to Paris last year.5. I ………. (stay) at home! It was terrible!6. Then, we ………… (listen) to Frank Sinatra CDs.7. Mr. Rossi …………(paint) my house!8. I …………. (tidy) the house.9. I ………… (phone) Mr. Rossi. H. Complete the answers. Use the words in brackets.  1- Did you break your right leg? (left leg) No,_____________________________________________________ 2- Did you play football? (basketball) No, _____________________________________________________ 3- Did you feel sick? ( Well) No, _____________________________________________________   I. Complete the table. Base formPast simpleBase formPast simple swimspend buywriteseesiteatbreak maketakegotgo H. Write a postcard about a holiday Dear _______________, _______________________________________ I went to _______________________________________ I stayed ________________________________________________________________________________ The weather ____________________________________________________________________________ The food ______________________________________________________________________________ I went with ____________________________________________________________________________ I liked _________________________________________________________________________________ Love, ___________________   GOOD LUCK! Your teacher Maurício Santos
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