Shemini, שְּׁמִינִי | Book Of Leviticus | Jewish Law And Rituals

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  B. Scott 4/21/12 Shemini 2012 This week’s Torah portion, Shemini – “Eighth” covering Leviticus 9:1-11:47, happens to be the 26th portion of the year, 26 is the value of YHVH ‫ יהוה‬and 2+6 = 8, the number of new beginnings. This portion has everything to do with the new beginning found through Yahweh! This portion deals with Aaron and his sons finally offering the sacrifices, performing the Priestly duties, after 7 days of ordination, and now on the 8th day they begin. But this portion also pro
  1B. Scott 4/21/12 Shemini 2012 This week’s Torah portion, Shemini –   “Eighth” covering Leviticus 9:1 -11:47, happens to bethe 26 th portion of the year, 26 is the value of YHVH הוהי   and 2+6 = 8, the number of newbeginnings. This portion has everything to do with the new beginning found throughYahweh! This portion deals with Aaron and his sons finally offering the sacrifices,performing the Priestly duties, after 7 days of ordination, and now on the 8 th day they begin. But this portion also provides for us the details concerning Aaron’s 2 oldest sons, Nadab & Abihu, who choose to trifle with the presence of Yahweh. Something cut off inorder for the 8 th day of new beginnings to begin!Before we start in this Torah portion, we have to back up slightly to understand what the 7days previous to this dealt with. Leviticus 8:33Go out: Strong’s #3318 yatsa’ אצי   to go out, come out, exit, go forth, deliver; 1 st  referencesof this term in Genesis 1 describe the different plants and animals being brought forth (yatsa’) in order to yield seed after its kind. (Yield: #2232 zara’ ערז   to sow, scatter seed, tobecome pregnant)Consecration: Strong’s #4394 millu’ אלמ   setting, installation; from #4390 male’ אלמ   to fill, be full; a cognate term male’ (#4392) אלמ   full, fullness, also used to describe a pregnant woman; and this term shares the same roots as millah (#4405) הלמ   word, speech*7 days of Consecration = 7 days of speaking! Just like in Genesis where for 7 days Yahwehspoke creation into being and set apart the Sabbath!  The purpose for these 7 days of consecration had everything to do with theSeed/Word of Yahweh being placed within His bride, for them to beimpregnated/made full by His Word and then to deliver and bring forth after itskind, to bear the fruit of that Word!Now we come to the 8 th day! Leviticus 9:1Eighth: Strong’s #8066 shemiyniy   ינימש   eighth; from #8082 shamen ןמש   fat, rich, robust,indicating something that is fertile (*Remember the previous 7 days has been spent accepting seed)Gematria = 410, same as harhar רהרה   mental conception, image, mental picture; from theroot harah הרה   to conceive, be with child, become pregnant   The term shemiyniy contains the root  ןימ   (#4327) kind, species (what everything would yatsa’ after – bring forth after its kind); so we have revealed to us the purposeof what happens on the 8 th day, the house is fertile and reproducing after the kind of seed/Word that is housed within us (its supposed to be the seed of Yahweh if wehave spent the 7 days being consecrated correctly)!  2  Shemiyniy is also related to #8067 Shemiyniyth תינימש   8 stringed musicalinstrument, musical term describing an octave which is sung; it has the ת   added tothe end, representing Covenant   If we will be in covenant then we as well willspeak (sheminith – singing, vocalization), bringing forth the fruit of our lips!Leviticus 9:24 –   “when all the people saw, they shouted”    ימש   = my name & ינ   (#5204) wailing, a mournful expression of despair – Yet weare warned, counting on how we handle the millah (word) and the 7 daysdetermines whether we are fruitful and conceive (singing before Him) or whetherwe are an individual who will wail and lament in despair at the sounding of HisName!This 8 th day would have been the first day of the month of Nisan : Strong’s #5212 Niycan ןסינ   their flight; ינ   = to wail & ןס   = 2 letter root meaning the learned man (Messiah) &month: #2318 chodesh חשד   month; from the root chadash שדח   to be new, renew, repair  They would wail before the learned man/Messiah if they had not been renewed andrepaired!*The term chodesh reveals how to be repaired –   דח   = to be made one withsomething/united & ש   = Fire, El Shaddai  To be made one/united with the fire of El Shaddai repairs us and makes us ready for the 8 th day of new beginnings!The root of shemeni – shemen ןמש   is also the term for oil – that which brings fire/light! It’s no accident that it is on this day that the Fire of Yahweh falls upon the altar! Leviticus9:24 –   “ And there came a fire out from before Yahweh, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat:”  Burnt Offering: Strong’s #5930 ‘olah הלע   whole burnt offering; it’s a cognate of #5929‘aleh הלע   leaf (referring to the insufficient covering that Adam & Eve place uponthemselves) & the 2 letter root  לע   yoke  The fire is consuming the false covering that became a yoke of bondage in order to renew and repair the house!*As we continue to look, there is another significant events that take place on the “8 th   day”.     Leviticus 12:3 –   “And in the 8 th   day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.”  Foreskin: Strong’s #6190 ‘orlah הלרע   foreskin, uncircumcised  רע   = 2 letter root of  ריע   (#5894) the watchers, the fallen ones, reference to those who would propagate the serpent’s seed (a different kind) & הל   = to her – what caused the Bride to cover herself with the leaves and take on the yoke!*These 7 days of consecration, leading to the 8 th   day, was all about the serpent’s seed, seed of the watchers being cut off that was found in her (the Bride) in order for her to receivethe seed/Word of Yahweh and therefore produce after that kind (produce Godly seed)!Able to present herself as renewed on the 8 th day.*With this taking place on the 1 st  of Nisan, this is directly before Passover on the 14 th ,where if you were to partake of the Passover you had to be circumcised! This waspreparing the house to meet with the Messiah/Lamb, if they had not had this yoke broken  3off/been circumcised then they would be one who wailed before Him, missing the coveringprovided for their house! Nadab & Abihu This brings us to another important part of this Torah portion, Nadab and Abihu! Theytake/are made one with fire but instead of being renewed and repaired on the 8 th day, theywail and lament and are cut off!Leviticus 10:1-2Nadab: Strong’s #5070 בדנ   generous; from #5068 nadab בדנ   to incite, impel, make willing;2 letter root of his name is דנ   same 2 letter root as niddah הדנ   added to this is the letter ב   house = one who would incite and impel the house to become niddah!*Leviticus 15:28-29 “ But if she be cleansed of her issue, then she shall number toherself seven days, and after that she shall be clean. And on the eighth day she shalltake unto her two turtles, or two young pigeons, and bring them unto the priest, to the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.”  This is taking place on the 8 th day, the exact time when she is to present herself cleansed,yet this individual attempts to lead the house into something making them unclean!Abihu: Strong’s #30 ‘Abiyhuw’ אוהיבא   he is my father; gematria = 25, same as daka’ (#1792) אכד   to crush, be broken; used in Job 4:19 –   “…whose foundation is in the dust,which are crushed/daka’ before the moth”. Moth: Strong’s #6211 ‘ash שע   moth, play on words with ‘esh שא   fire  Nadab & Abihu are crushed and broken before the fire of Yahweh! Causes us to ask ourselves, why are they crushed and broken instead of repairedand made new? We have to inspect their actions closer!The way they would cause the house to be niddah and therefore find themselves crushedwas by offering strange fire!Strange: Strong’s #2114 zuwr רוז   to be strange, a stranger, prostitute, or harlot Fire: Strong’s #784 ‘esh שא   fire; play on words with ‘iysh (#376) שיא   man; Nadab & Abihuplay the harlot and bring a strange man/god/husband into the House, therefore causingIsrael to be made niddah on the 8 th day! This is the reason they are dealt with in themanner that they are – they are crushed before the fire of Yahweh because instead of  choosing His light to be renewed and repaired, they chose to be made one with/’echad a strange fire/husband – once again stepping under the yoke brought about by that relationship!!They ignore the command/admonition of    Leviticus 9:2 –   “ And he said unto Aaron, Take thee a young calf for a sin offering”  Take: Strong’s #3947 laqach חקל   to take, lay hold of, seize, to marryYoung: Strong’s #1241 & #1121  baqar רקב   cattle, herd, oxen; from #1239 baqar רקב   toseek, enquire, consider & ben ןב   son  4Sin offering: Strong’s #2403 chattah’ath תאטח   sin, sin offering; *Notice the תא   on the end;gematria = 418, same as   יחת   you will/she will/they will live  They are told to consider(baqar) the son (ben) in marriage (laqach) in order to live! And because Nadab & Abihureject the Son/Messiah and choose another they are cut off!There is another interesting connection found to this in   2 Samuel 6:3-4New: Strong’s #2319 chadash שדח   new, new thing, fresh; from the root chadash שדח   (#2318) to be new, renew, repair (to be made one with the fire); same root for the termmonth, this Torah portion taking place on the 1 st  of the month of Nisan.Gibeah: Strong’s #1390 Gib’ah העבג   hill ; from #1375 gebiya’ עיבג   cup, bowl, describingthe cups of the Menorah that held the oil/shemenAbinadab: Strong’s #41 ‘Abiynadab בדניבא   my father is noble, my father is willing; it contains both the names of Nadab & Abihu!Drave: Strong’s #5090 nahag גהנ   1) to drive, lead, guide, conduct 2) to moan, lament Here we see the same pattern! They are being given the opportunity to be made one withthe fire of Yahweh, contain His seed (traveling from the location where the shemen/oil of His light is found – Gibeah), but once again those who mishandle Yahweh (Nadab & Abihu)drive the house to where they moan and lament! This becomes a very serious warning tothe house today, those who mishandle the Ark, mishandle the Word, as well will cause thehouse to mourn and lament, and will find themselves cut off just as Uzzah was!  After this, the Ark is taken to the house of Obededom the Gittite. Obededom: Strong’s #5654 ‘Obed ‘Edowm םדא   דבע   translated as “Servant of Edom”, but its spelled with the same letters Adam (meaning red, or the one that was blooded),literally meaning then –   “Servant of the Blooded Adam” (reference to the Messiah)  Gittite: Strong’s #1663   יתג   belonging to Gath; from #1661 Gath תג   winepress(symbolic of judgment); from #5059 nagan ןגנ   to play or strike strings, play astringed instrument (our vocal chords are the stringed instruments of our bodies)Those who are servants of the blooded Adam/servant of the Messiah (those who allowedthe yoke to be removed), will be those who sing/strike the strings in the midst of judgment and are blessed, while those who have mishandled the Ark will moan and lament! *It’s n o coincidence that another well-known individual from Gath (Obededom the Gittite in2 Samuel) was the giant Goliath, the serpent  ’ s seed! Goliath תילג   translated as meaningsplendour, from the root galah הלג   to uncover, remove, to make naked; gematria = 443,same value as betulah הלותב   virgin, pure and unspotted & the same value as the phrase ‘avodah ‘Et Yahweh I will praise ET (Messiah) Yahweh!
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