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  size and scope of pharmaceutical companies
  Pharmaceuticals companies – How big, how powerful? It’s difficult to fathom the immense power of the pharmaceutical industry at times, butconsider this: The global market for pharmaceuticals was worth more than $693 billionin 2007 .It is expected to increase to over $737 billion in 2008 andwill top $1.0 trillion by 2013.To put these mind-boggling numbers into a larger perspective, the pharmaceuticalindustry was worth more money in 2007 than the gross domestic product (GDP) – whichis the market value of all the output produced in a nation in one year -- of theseCOUNTRIES, according tostatistics from the World Bank: ã Belgium ($448.5 billion) ã Sweden ($444 billion) ã Switzerland ($415.5 billion) ã Norway ($382 billion) ã Saudi Arabia ($381.7 billion) In fact, if placed on the list ranking the countries of the world according to grossdomestic product, the pharmaceutical industry would rank number 17 out of 185countries in 2007! So, when I liken the pharmaceutical industry to a giant wielding a mighty club, I really  mean it. Their power and influence over government, the field of conventional medicine,and your mind through massive marketing efforts, is in a class of its own. It’s just thatmost people don’t realize the magnitude of their financial influence, and therefore areblinded and deceived by the manipulated perception that the industry is “helpingmankind.”However, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, and as this latest FDA watch-list of drugs that potentially pose serious risk, the pharmaceutical industry is NOT putting outmagic elixirs for good health.On the contrary, the industry is gaining power and strength from propagating disease,not from achieving cures.  With Friends Like That, Who Needs Enemies? These numbers are a sad reminder of just how successfully the industry has turned our society into a “pharmacracy” where every twitch and hiccup is deemed treatable withanother prescription.Unfortunately, treating disease symptoms with drugs will invariably create other healthproblems, which lead to yet another prescription to counteract the side effects from thefirst one, followed by another one, and another… It’s an evil circle that is clearly evidentwhen you review the statistics of prescriptions per capita, which has grownexponentially in the past 75 years.In 1929, the average American received less than two prescriptions per year. By 2006,the average annual prescription rateper capita in the United States was: ã  just over 4 prescriptions per child (age 0-18) ã almost 11 prescriptions per adult (age 19-64), and ã 28 prescriptions per senior  , aged 65 and over!If these drugs did in fact treat and cure disease, the United States would have thehealthiest inhabitants on the planet. Instead, we’re seeing ever mounting numbers of people suffering from completely preventable diseases likediabetes, and we’re seeing amounting death toll directly attributable to prescription drugs.According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), adverse drug reactions fromdrugs that are  properly prescribed and properly administered cause about 106,000 deaths per year  , making prescription drugs the fourth-leading cause of death in the U.S.Compare this to the death toll from illegal drugs -- which is about 10,000 per year -- andyou begin to see the magnitude of the problem, and the magnitude of the coverup.We are indeed a nation of drug addicts, and just like old-fashioned street junkies, we’respending every penny we have to feed the beast; we believe the sweet-talking, free-sampling salesmen, and are dying in droves because of our dependency on a quick fix.   Source: FDA Announces 20 Dangerous Drugs You Should NOT Be On Posted ByDr. Mercola| September 27
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