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  Verb (infinitive) accept account achieve act add admit affect agree aim allow answer appear apply argue arrange arrive ask attack avoid base beat become begin believe belong break build burn buy call can can care carry catch cause change charge Past form accepted accounted achieved acted added admited affected agreed aimed allowed answered appeared applied argued arranged arrived asked attacked avoided based beat became began believed belonged broke built burnt bought called could could cared c
  Verb (infinitive)   Past form   Spanish   accept accepted aceptaraccount accounted tener en cuentaachieve achieved lograract acted actuaradd added sumaradmit admited admitiraffect affected afectaragree agreed estar de acuerdoaim aimed apuntarallow allowed permitirresponderanswer answeredappear appeared aparecerapply applied aplicarargue argued discutirarrange arranged arreglar / consertararrive arrived llegarask asked preguntarattack attacked atacaravoid avoided evitarbase based basarsebeat beat vencer / apanarbecome became volversebegin began empezarbelieve believed creerbelong belonged pertenecerbreak broke romperbuild built construirburn burnt quemarbuy bought comprarcall called llamarcan could podercan could podercare cared importarcarry carried cargar / llevarcatch caught atraparcause caused causarchange changed cambiarcharge charged cobrar  check checked comprobar / controlarchoose chose elejirclaim claimed reclamarclean cleaned limpiarclear cleared despejarclimb climbed treparclose closed cerrarcollect collected recolectarcome came venircommit commited cometercompare compared compararcomplain complained reclamarcomplete completed completarconcern concerned concernirconfirm confirmed confirmarconnect connected conectarconsider considered considerarconsist consisted consistircontact contacted contactarcontain contained contenetcontinue continued continuarcontribute contributed contribuircontrol controled controlarcook cooked cocinarcopy copied copiarcorrect corrected corregircost cost costarcount counted contarcover covered cubrircreate created crearcross crossed cruzarcry cried llorarcut cut cortardamage damaged dañardance danced bailardeal dealt repartirdecide decided decidirdeliver delivered entregardemand demanded exigir  deny denied denegardepend depended dependerdescribe described describirdesign designed diseñardestroy destroyed destruirdevelop developed desarrollardie died morirdisappear disappeared desaparecerdiscover discovered descubrirdiscuss discussed discutirdivide divided dividirdo did hacerdraw drew dibujardress dressed vistirsedrink drank beberdrive drove manejardrop dropped dejar caereat ate comerenable enabled habilitarencourage encouraged dar corajeenjoy enjoyed disfrutarexamine examined examinarexist existed existirexpect expected esperarexperience experienced experimentarexplain explained explicarexpress expressed expresarextend extended ampliarface faced encararfail failed reprobarfall fell caerfasten fastened ajustarsefeed fed alimentarfeel felt sentirfight fought pelearfill filled llenar / rellenarfind found encontrarfinish finished acabar / terminarfit fit quedar (de ropa)  fly flew volarfold folded doblarfollow followed seguirforce forced forzarforget forgot olvidarforgive forgave olvidarform formed formargain gained adquirir / conseguirget got obtener / comprar / llevargive gave dargo went irgrow grew crecerhandle handled manejarhappen happened sucederhate hated odiar / detestarhave had tenerhead headed dirigirsehear heard oirhelp helped ayudarhide hid ocultarhit hit golpearhold held agrarrar / cogerhope hope esperarhurt hurt heriridentify identified identificarimagine imagined imaginarimprove improved mejorarinclude included incluirincrease increased incremetarindicate indicated indicarinfluence influenced infuenciarinform informed informarintend intended tener la intenciónintroduce introduced introducirinvite invited invitarinvolve involved encolver join joined unir / unirse jump jumped saltarkeep kept quedarse con
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