Harry Austryn Wolfson, “Bibliography of C.H. Toy,” in David Gordon and George Foot Moore, eds., Studies in the History of Religions Presented to C.H. Toy (New York: Macmillan, 1912), 367-373

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  Harry Austryn Wolfson, “Bibliography of C.H. Toy,” in David Gordon and George Foot Moore, eds., Studies in the History of Religions Presented to C.H. Toy (New York: Macmillan, 1912), 367-373
  BIBLIOGRAPHY ThisBibliographyhas been prepared by Mr. Harry Wolfson of New York. It makes no claim to completeness. And, indeed, completeness is impossible because Professor Toy has published numerous unsigned articles as in the Nation and in the Independent of New York, in the Christian Registerof Boston, in the International Journal of Ethics of Philadelphia, and elsewhere. He was literary editor of the Independent for about six months before beginning his work as professor at Harvard University in 1880. Most of the unsigned articles just mentioned are book reviews. It has not been the intention to include inthis Bibliog raphy reviews, signed or unsigned, thougha few have been admitted. Of signedreviews, the New World (1892-1900), of which Professor Toy was one of the founders and editors contains about seventy-five from his pen. As a member of the editorial board of The Jewish Encyclopedia(1901-1906), he had charge of the departments of Hebrew Philology and Hellenistic Literature. He contributed to all of the twelve volumes, but most of his work was of editorial character, and is therefore not signed orotherwise indicatedas his. 1876 On Hebrew Verb-Etymology. Transactions of the Ameri can Philological Association, 7. 50-72 (Proceedings, 7. 41-42). 1877 On the Nominal Basis of the Hebrew Verb.Trans. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 8. 18-38 (Proceedings, 8. 29-30). Erdmann, C. F. D. The Books of Samuel. Translated, Enlarged, and Edited by C. H. Toy and J. A. Broadus. Pp. 616. New York, 1877. 1878 The Yoruban Language. Trans. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 9. 19-38 (Proceedings, 9. 3-5). 1879 Modal Development of the ShemiticVerb. Trans. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 10. 5-25 (Proceedings, 10. 27-28). 367  368 BIBLIOGRAPHY On the Shemitic Derived Stems. Proc. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 10. 22. 1880 Lectures on the Origin and Growth of thePsalms, by Thomas Chalmers Murray, with Notes by C. H.Toy. New York, 1880. The Study of the Semitic Languages. Proc. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 11. 10-13. The Hebrew Verb-termination un. Trans. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 11. 18-34 (Proceedings, 11. 28-30). Remarks on J. G. Midler s Semitic Theory. Journal of the American Oriental Society, 10. Ixxii-lxxiii, 1880 (Proceedings for October, 1873). The Study of Arabic. Harvard Register, 1. 212-213.1881 On the Home of the PrimitiveSemitic Race. Trans. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 12. 26-51 (Proceedings, 12. 6). On the Babylonian Element in Ezekiel. Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, 1. 59-66. 1882 The History of the Religion ofIsrael   an Old Testament Primer. Pp. xvii   150. Boston, 1882   2d ed., 1883   3d ed., 1884   and several latereditions. The Semitic Personal Pronouns. Proc. Amer. Phil. Assoc n, 13. x-xii. 1883 Recent Progress among the Baptists. Christian Register, 62. 292. 1884Quotations in the Old Testament. Pp. xliv   321. New York. The Date of the Korah Psalms.Journal Soc. Bib. Lit. and Ex., 4. 80-92. 1885 On Noun-Inflections in the Sabean. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 11. xxix-xxxi, 1885 (Proceedings for May, 1880).  BIBLIOGRAPHY 369 Remarks on Guyard s Theory of Semitic Internal Plurals. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 11. lix-lx 1885 (Proceedings for May, 1881). Notice of F. Delitzsch s Views as to the Alleged Site of Eden. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 11. lxxii-lxxiii, 1885 (Proceedings for October, 1881). On the Kushites. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 11. cviii-cix, 1885 (Proceedings for May, 1882). The Masoretic Vowel System. Hebraica, 1. 137-144. The Revised Old Testament. Christian Register, 64. 468,500, 516-517, 549-550 (1885). The Date of Deuteronomy. Unitarian Review, 23. 97- 118. The New Philology. Science, 6. 366-368. 1886 On the Asaph Psalms. Journal Soc. Bib. Lit. and Ex., 6. 73-85. The Present Position of Pentateuch Criticism. Unitarian Review, 26. 47-68. On Maccabean Psalms. Ibid., 26. 1-21. A New English Dictionary. (Review of theDictionary of the Philological Society.) Science, 7. 557-558. The Older Arabic Poetry. Harvard Monthly, 1. 135-148. 1887 Kuenen s Critical Work. Christian Register, 66. 117. Rise of Hebrew Psalm- Writing. Journal Soc. Bib. Lit. and Ex., 7. 47 60 { Modern Biblical Criticism. Unitarian Review, 28. 354- 359 (also printed as a separate tract). 1888 The New Testament as Interpreter of the Old Testament. Old Testament Student, 8. 124-133. 1889 The Thousand and One Nights. Atlantic Monthly, 63. 756-763.  370 BIBLIOGRAPHYThe Lokman Legend. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 13. clxxii-clxxvii (Proceedings for May, 1887). 1890 Evil Spiritsin the Bible. Journal ofBiblical Literature, 9. 17-30. n Some Phonetic Peculiarities of Cairo Arabic. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 14. cxii-cxiv (Proceedings for October, 1888). udaism and Christianity   a Sketch of the Progress of Thought fromOld Testament to New Testament. Pp. xvii   456. Boston, 1890. thics and Religion. Popular Science Monthly, 36. 727-744. That it might be Fulfilled. The Unitarian, June, 1890  5. 284-285). 1891 Analysis of Genesis ii. iii. Journal Bib. Lit., 10. 1-19. Relation of Jesus to Christianity. Christian Register, 70. 168-169. he Study of the Bible. Ibid., 70. 748-749. The Religious Element in Ethical Codes. International Journal of Ethics, 1. 289-311.1892 Kuenen s Life andWork. Christian Register, 71. 40. Dr. C.A. Briggs. Ibid., 71. 728-729. Abraham Kuenen. The New World, 1. 64-88. 1893 Myths and Legends as Vehicles of Religious Teaching. Christian Register, 72. 404-^405. Israelin Egypt. The New World, 2. 121-141. The Parliament of Religions. Ibid., 2. 728-741. 1894   Robertson Smith. Christian Register, 73. 266.  BIBLIOGRAPHY 3711896 The Pre-Prophetic Religion of Israel. The New World, 6. 123-142. ext-Critical Notes on Ezekiel. Journal Bib. Lit., 16. 54 58 Biblical Criticism. Christian Register, 76. 264-265. 1897 The Meaning of HDB. Journal Bib. Lit., 16. 178-179. Accadian-Babylonian and Assyrian Literature. Library of the World sBest Literature, 1. 51-83. The Old Testament and the Jewish Apocrypha. Ibid., 27. 10775-10818.1898Esther as Babylonian Goddess. The New World, 7. 130-144. 1899 Messianic Predictions. Christian Register, 78. 723. Messianic Passages. Ibid., 78. 750. The King in Jewish Post-Exilian Writings. Journal Bib. Lit., 18. 156-166. The Earliest Form of the Sabbath. Ibid., 18. 190-194. TheBook of the Prophet Ezekiel. Critical Edition of the Hebrew Text, with Notes(Polychrome Edition). Leip zig, 1899. Pp. iv   116. (Part 12 of The Sacred Books of the Old Testament.) TheBook of the Prophet Ezekiel. A New English Trans lation, with Explanatory Notes (Polychrome Edition). New York, 1899. Pp. viii   208. (The Sacred Books of the Old and New Testaments.) A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Prov erbs. New York and Edinburgh, 1899. Pp. xxxvi  f 554. (The International Critical Commentary.) Taboo and Morality. Journal Amer. Or. Soc., 20. 151-156. The Relation between Magic and Religion. Ibid., 20. 327- 331. 1900 Pope Leo Xm (The Dudleian Lecture for 1899.) Chris tianRegister, 79. 65 69 Charles Carroll Everett. The New World, 9. 714-724.
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