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   Mzumbe University  From the SelectedWorks of DATIUS DIDACE Spring December 28, 2019 THEORY OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES by Datius Didace.pdf  DATIUCE DIDACE,  Mzumbe University Creative Commons License is work is licensed under aCreative Commons CC_BY International License.  Available at:hps://  DATIUS DIDACE LWABUGIRWA 068 5563 704 .  MZUMBE UNIVERSITY   CONCEPTS AND THEORIES OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT DATIUS DIDACE (Amicus Curiae)   LLB-MZUMBE UNIVERSITY (Moro)   0685-563-704   e-mail;  Visit:   DATIUS DIDACE 0685 563 704 ฀ 2 CONCEPTS AND THEORIES OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. General Introduction  Why Development Studies? It is over forty years since most African countries attained political independence. During this period African political leaders and the African people have made strenuous efforts to overcome development problems and challenges. These include overcoming underdevelopment and dependency with the central focus being raising their living standards and to overcome persistent poverty, disease and ignorance. Political stability and sustainable development are goals that many African leaders have been trying to attain over the years. Despite these efforts the road to development for most African countries remains elusive and there is little to show for their efforts. Africa remains underdeveloped and is becoming more and more dependent on the developed western countries. Grinding poverty, disease and illness, human degradation and destitution, conflicts and political instability have become characteristics of the African continent. It can be argued that the process of development in Africa appears to be taking a step backwards. There is little doubt that Africa is in serious need to chart out a new course of development. Indeed the overriding issue of this era is how can African countries develop and cope with the demands of a new era –  an era of rapid change and the era of globalization. Development studies is a course which uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine development processes and provides a critical tools of analysis that is aimed at providing understanding of the dynamics of socio-economic and political development in the third world and Africa in particular. Development studies course is aimed at providing e us with an analytical tool to carry out a critical and in-depth analysis of our situation. For instance, for those of us in Africa what is our economic and political position in the existing international world order and how do we best situate ourselves to take advantage of the benefits of globalization and at the same time be able to avoid the worst excesses of globalization? The on-going process of globalization is leading to unbridled economic liberalization and the dominance of the free market economy, which demands that third world countries such as Tanzania remove all trade restrictions and compete on equal footing with the developed countries. How  DATIUS DIDACE 0685 563 704 ฀ 3 can countries such as Tanzania cope in this situation –  in other words, what are the development options left to these countries? These are some of the critical issues that are covered by the Development Studies course. It is hoped that this manual will rouse interest in development issues in Africa and Tanzania in particular. The aim of development studies is not only to provide understanding of what is happening around us, but also highlights the increasing reality that an effective understanding of the process of development is vital if Tanzania and other third world countries are to progress and overcome the persistent state of underdevelopment reflected by increasing mass poverty. As academicians we need to develop a clear understanding of the development process and to formulate concrete strategies for development.  DATIUS DIDACE 0685 563 704 ฀ 4 TOPIC 1: Introduction    This module seeks to introduce to students and other interested leaders the basic concepts of development and social change. What is development? What is the distinction between growth and development? Why it is important to analyze/understand the process of development and social change, particularly in third world countries, etc.    Provide a critical examination of existing theories of social development and to highlight the significance of a theoretical understanding of the process of development and social change. The module will seek to underscore/ emphasize the observation that a theoretical understanding is necessary to explain the process of development, for instance why some countries are very “developed” while others remain engulfed in increasing mass poverty.   TOPIC 2: Theories of Social Development This module seeks to introduce and examine the main contrasting theories on development and their understanding of social development. (i) Marxist Theory of Development    Background of Marxist theory of social development    The materialist theory of social development    Marxist understanding of social development    Marx‟s 5 stages of dev elopment of society    Analysis of Marxist theory (ii) Bourgeois Theories of Development    Background of Bourgeois/Modernization theories    Bourgeois/Orthodox/Modernization theory of development Rostow‟s stages of Economic Growth  Nurks e‟s Vicious Circle of Poverty  Schumpeter's theory of Motive Force, Process and Goal Galbraith and 'The Concept of Countervailing Power' The Gap Approach    The module will seek to highlight the main contents of each theoretical approach    Will provide an in-depth critique of bourgeois/Modernization theories (iii) Dependency Theories on Underdevelopment    Will seek to provide a background of dependency and dependency theories
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