A Journey to Kazan, Russia, on ‘Conference of Anti-corruption Dialectics’

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  A Journey to Kazan, Russia, on ‘Conference of Anti-corruption Dialectics’ by Dr. Sushanta Kumar Bhowmik from last 18-24 November 2015 On 5th International Scientific Conference (20th Nov. 2015) at Institute of Economics ,Management and Law, Kazan (Tatarstan), Russia
  • 1. A Journey to Kazan, Russia, on Conference of Anti-corruption Dialectics by Dr. Sushanta Kumar Bhowmik from last 18-24 November 2015 On 5th International Scientific Conference (20th Nov. 2015) at Institute of Economics ,Management and Law, Kazan (Tatarstan), Russia
  • 2. Dubai Kolkata Kazan Moscow
  • 3. Few words on Russian Federation (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic)- Moscow Kazan R U S S I A N F E D E R A T I O N * The state adopted Christianity from the Byzantine Empire in 988 AD * By the 18th century, the Tsardom of Russia became Russian Empire, from the Polish– Lithuanian eastward to the Pacific Ocean. * State Duma attempted to the constitution of 1906, before World-War I in 1914 * The Great Russian Revolution happened on 25 October , 1917 by the Communist Bolsheviks. *The fall of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation officially starts in January 1992. Still after fall of USSR, Russian Federation beholds the international importance in politics and science. *Soviet Union won the World-War II, 1945. During the war years of 1941-1945, th Soviet Union lost almost 27 million people (Russia alone lost around 14 million) and millions more were disabled. In Soviet Russia, 1,710 towns and cities were destroyed. - 25 Dec. 2010 Alexey Shumkov (http://eng.globalaffairs.ru/person/p_2 03 ) *‘USSR, the socialized Economy, one of the fundamental pillars of a workers’ state’ in this world–Chapter 2, Class character of USSR by Sam Mercy, June 2 1976
  • 4. Few words of Kazan and Tatarstan- **Kazan, is the capital of Tatarstan, Eastern European Russia, on the Volga River. Kazan's port and shipyards on the Volga with a population of 3,773,800. **Kazan became the capital of a powerful, independent Tatar khanate (1445); now, it is the third economic and industrial state of Russian Federation. Among many international respected scholars, Tolstoy (1844) and Lenin (1887) studied at the University of Kazan, founded in 1804. **In Kazan city, sports will held 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • 5. CORRUPTION IN POLITICAL DEMOCRACY IS HARD TO CONTROL WITH LAW ONLY SUSHANTA KUMAR BHOWMIK Ph. D., B. Ed. Volunteer researcher in political economics [Technical Officer (Bacteriology) National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (ICMR) Kolkata, West Bengal, India] Title
  • 6. Satire 1
  • 7. Satire 2 Both are flesh-eaters (money-eaters) Corruption
  • 8. Satire 3 Human = life + aspiration  There is only a life, ‘aspiration’ - to save life only. There is ‘aspiration’ only, life is to enjoy it.  No-corruption hits him, but imprisonment may be anytime. ‘No-corruption’ is there, imprisonment never touch him.  He doesn’t know about laws and corruptions. He knows all about laws and corruptions. Two non-corrupt individuals Mine boy Bill Gates
  • 9. MIDDLE CLASS POPULATION: 22% LAWMAKERS CORPORATE: 7% Money gain upwards Corruption percolate downwards FARMERS POPULATION: 70% World Developmental pyramid [not in scale] World richest population: 1%
  • 10. 2+2=4 (investment + profit = total gain) 2+2=5, 9, 15, 20, 25….. Development ‘Aspiration’ in capital development In Reality In common sense it is called as “CORRUPTION” Mainly monetary ‘Corruption’ 1. In business: 2. In job: Labor is the investment and salary is the gain (2) 2 + 2 =4 Development In Reality It is “CORRUPTION”, no doubt * ‘ANTI-CORRUPTION’ DIALECTICS IS THE WAY-OUT TO REMOVE THE REDS (CORRUPTION) ‘Aspiration’ in individual development X + y = z
  • 11. Police or Primary-Investigating organization Investigating organization Government regulation Court Application of Anti-corruption Laws Court regulation [Imprisonment of three to seven years and a fine of upto Rs. 5 lakh (India)] Maximum Punishment Political Corruption Corrupted Report and Long Trial Inefficient Laws
  • 12. Corruption in education - not only in system, but in curriculums to fulfill ‘aspiration’ *A good business administrator has to manage a target to meet for the company who pay for luxurious life. *A good police officer has to maintain ‘Law and order’, peacefulness, and acts against disturbance. Corruption is a ‘peaceful activity’, not a direct matter of police. Then self-corruption is not bad. *An engineer has to develop more modified engine or structure of lesser cost, but more durable. Lesser cost means better gain that will demand higher salary. Engineer is a good person. *An doctor has to save life against money. The doctor, without money is not visible in this world. In private practice, a doctor receives money without receipt, specially in Indian subcontinent that is not corruption at all. * In miscellaneous services, first word is ‘obey your superior’ without right or wrong. *Lawyer’s curriculum is most interesting- apply best ‘logic’ to save client against money as per demand. No matter of right or wrong, this is called ‘professionalism’. *Judges are handicapped in service. They have to measure the parameter of laws, proofs and documents, witness-sayings, lawyer’s logics etc. They are less human, more mechanic. ‘The education of our children cannot succeed when corruption taints our schools and universities’. –Transparency International
  • 13. * ‘Lawmakers trying to pass bill exempting politicians from arrest and prosecution for corruption’ – news, by Jackson Marciana, Counter Current News/February 6, 2015 (Washington College of Law) * ‘Conventional wisdom suggests that lobbying is the preferred mean for exerting political influence in rich countries and corruption the preferred one in poor countries…. lobbying seems to be a much more effective instrument for political influence than corruption, even in poorer, less developed countries.’ – article ‘Lobbying, Corruption and Political Influence’ by Nauro F. Campos, Francesco Giovannoni Discussion Paper No. 2313 September 2006 * ‘With increasing levels of income and education, an individual is more likely to report both crime and bribe victimisation.’ – article, ‘Crime, Corruption and Institutions’ by Ishita Chatterjee and Ranjan Ray * ‘Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister of India) had in the Union Budget 2015-16 announced a roadmap to reduce the rate of corporate tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent over the next four years.’ –news by: ENS Economic Bureau, New Delhi, Published : Sep 10, 2015 * ‘Tax exemptions for rich costs govt Rs 4.6 L cr.’ – news by T NN | Dec 1 8 , 2 0 1 1 from The Times of India * ‘Black money estimated at $462 billion to $1.4 trillion.’: Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee -IANS, Yahoo news, 25-01-2011 A few citations
  • 14. World's Ten Most Corrupt Political Leaders Name Position Funds embezzled ($) Punishment & Comments 1. Mohamed Suharto President, Indonesia (1967–1998) 15–35 billion Court case was dropped, most corrupt leader 2. Ferdinand Marcos President, the Philippines (1972–1986) 5–10 billion Arrested and held until they were released by Supreme Court, Dictator and corrupt 3. Mobutu Sese Seko President, Zaire (1965– 1997) 5 billion Expelled him from the country; for his Anti- Communist stance, USA supported him as dictator 4. Sani Abacha President, Nigeria (1993– 1998) 2–5 billion Speculation-executed extrajudicially by way of being poisoned by political rivals 5. Slobodan Milosevic President, Serbia/Yugoslavia (1989–2000) 1 billion Without verdict, he died in his prison cell in 2006, controversy 6. Jean-Claude Duvalier President, Haiti (1971– 1986) 300–800 million Pleaded not guilty and he died of a heart attack in 2014 7. Alberto Fujimori President, Peru (1990– 2000) 600 million 25 years in prison in 2007, infamous for killing Lefts 8. Pavlo Lazarenko Prime Minister, Ukraine (1996–1997) 114–200 million Convicted and sentenced in 2006, corruption 9. Arnoldo Alemán President, Nicaragua (1997–2002) 100 million 20 years in prison in 2006, corruption 10. Joseph Estrada President, the Philippines 78–80 million Life imprisonment in 2007, controversy Just the tip of the iceberg
  • 15. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Bar-diagram of ‘Corruption-rank and GDP Growth percentage of selected 28 countries Population bar Corruption rank GDP Growth percentage
  • 16. Lines from 16IACC, Putrajaya- 1. The G20 and non-governmental organisations have called on countries to impose travel restrictions on individuals suspected of corruption. 2. Professionals – such as bankers, lawyers, real estate agents, accountants – who fail to exercise adequate due diligence, thus allowing the movement of illicit funds across borders must themselves be sanctioned. 3. The corrupt should not be able to use secret companies to hide their wealth. 4. Grand corruption should become a crime of international law 5. In the context of the discussions, the delegates called for the full independence and autonomy of all anti-corruption bodies. Latest try or cry “If you want to stay corrupt you should be prepared to face the consequence” -AKIRA MUNA, CHAIR, 16 IACC COUNCIL
  • 17. Human being = life + aspiration Bio-Medical development Developmental Economy Gain of money, anyhow Origin of corruption Porous Anti-Corruption Devices and Laws Summary
  • 18. Conclusion and the best authentication to control ‘Corruption’ 1. To make the Biometric digital authentication and to indentify the corrupt person, the Government has to input the required personal details online. 2. Personal moveable and immoveable resources must tagged with instant up-to-date with stringent application of laws. 3. Punishment should be as per demand to capital punishment and total property loss including that of relatives. 4. All promoting agents of corruption, e. g. lawyers, accountants, auditors are also be punished without any excuse. 5. All citizens from President to a day-labour are within this vigilance of non-interrupted system. Biometric identification: Individual detection will control corporate also
  • 19. Please save us from ‘Corruption’ Thank you
  • 20. Institute of economics, Managements and Laws -
  • 21. The great Raifa Orthodox Temple-
  • 22. Sviyazhsk Island, Tatarstan
  • 23. Qol-Sharif Mosque
  • 24. Central Kazan Kremlin (Agriculture Ministry)-
  • 25. Kazan Federal Institute Vladimir Ilych Ulyanav (Lenin), student from August to December 1887
  • 26. Lenin, The Great Student of Kazan Federal Institute- Vladimir Yeletsin Lenin Thank you Lenin was the student of Law and expelled from KFU, because of the successful student strike on high tuition fees on September, 1887.
  • 27. The 5th International Scientific Conference hall-
  • 28. All Religion Temple is the Kazan-pride -
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